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Almost Christmas [original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Almost Christmas - Soundtrack (Dig)
Release Date: 11/11/2016 
Label:  Back Lot Music   Catalog #: 664   Spars Code: n/a 
Composer:  Dennis LambertJohn PaesanoTraditionalTim Miner,   ... 
Performer:  Andrew DucklesCharlie BisharatRafael RishikDarrin McCann,   ... 
Conductor:  Jason LivesayNathan Livesay
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Dazz BandCommodoresThe Force M.D.'s,   ... 
Number of Discs: 1 
Recorded in: Stereo 
Length: 0 Hours 59 Mins. 

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Works on This Recording

Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got), song by Dennis Lambert
Period: Modern 
Length: 3 Minutes 3 Secs. 
Almost Christmas, film score by John Paesano
Performer:  Andrew Duckles (Viola), Charlie Bisharat (Violin), Rafael Rishik (Violin),
Darrin McCann (Viola), Michael Valerio (Double Bass), William Frank "Bill" Jr. Reichenbach (Trombone),
Christian Hebel (Violin), George Doering (Guitar), Dave Walther (Viola),
Cecilia Tsan (Cello), Alan Steinberger (Piano), Leslie Reed (Oboe),
Edward Meares (Double Bass), Natalie Leggett (Violin), Katie Kirkpatrick (Harp),
Randy Kerber (Keyboards), Randy Kerber (Piano), Julie Gigante (Violin),
Drew Dembowski (Double Bass), Steve Tavaglione (Synthesizer), Heather Clark (Flute),
Pamela Jacobson (Viola), Helen Nightengale (Violin), Bruce Dukov (Violin),
Paula Hochhalter (Cello), Benjamin Jacobson (Violin), Ana Landauer (Violin),
Timothy Loo (Cello), Joel Peskin (Saxophone), Larry Goldings (Keyboards),
Shawn Mann (Viola), Gary Grant (Trumpet), Kim Scholes (Cello),
Matt Chamberlain (Percussion), Alyssa Park (Violin), Chuck Findley (Trumpet),
Serena McKinney (Violin), Daniel Greco (Percussion), Irina Voloshina (Violin),
Katia Popov (Violin), Alex Necioscup-Acuna (Percussion), Michael Whitson (Viola),
Steve Dress (Double Bass), Armen Ksajikian (Cello), Stuart Clark (Clarinet),
Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick (Cello), Maya Magub (Violin), Luke Maurer (Viola),
Tamara [AKA Tammy Hatwan] Hatwan (Violin), Matthew Funes (Viola), Lisa Liu (Violin),
André Thomas (Percussion), Lawrence Williams (Saxophone), Andrew Bulbrook (Violin),
Jessica E. Guideri (Violin), Eric Byers (Cello), Xiaodan Altenbach (Cello),
Tom Ranier (Piano), Paul Henning (Violin), Tim Miner (Synthesizer),
Rose Corrigan (Bassoon)
Conductor:  Jason Livesay,  Nathan Livesay
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 2016 
Length: 1 Minutes 25 Secs. 
God rest ye merry, gentlemen by Traditional
Performer:  Steve Tavaglione (Synthesizer), Tim Miner (Synthesizer), Tom Ranier (Piano),
Rose Corrigan (Bassoon), Bruce Dukov (Violin), Randy Kerber (Keyboards),
Julie Gigante (Violin), Katie Kirkpatrick (Harp), Natalie Leggett (Violin),
Edward Meares (Double Bass), Christian Hebel (Violin), William Frank "Bill" Jr. Reichenbach (Trombone),
Michael Valerio (Double Bass), Darrin McCann (Viola), Charlie Bisharat (Violin),
Andrew Duckles (Viola), Timothy Loo (Cello), Katia Popov (Violin),
Dave Walther (Viola), Randy Kerber (Piano), Larry Goldings (Keyboards),
Michael Whitson (Viola), Daniel Greco (Percussion), Paula Hochhalter (Cello),
Helen Nightengale (Violin), Paul Henning (Violin), Benjamin Jacobson (Violin),
André Thomas (Percussion), Matthew Funes (Viola), Irina Voloshina (Violin),
Rafael Rishik (Violin), Alex Necioscup-Acuna (Percussion), Cecilia Tsan (Cello),
Maya Magub (Violin), Steve Dress (Double Bass), Alyssa Park (Violin),
Lawrence Williams (Saxophone), Eric Byers (Cello), Alan Steinberger (Piano),
Stuart Clark (Clarinet), Serena McKinney (Violin), Jessica E. Guideri (Violin),
Ana Landauer (Violin), Kim Scholes (Cello), Gary Grant (Trumpet),
Chuck Findley (Trumpet), Drew Dembowski (Double Bass), Shawn Mann (Viola),
Armen Ksajikian (Cello), Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick (Cello), Xiaodan Altenbach (Cello),
Pamela Jacobson (Viola), Luke Maurer (Viola), Tamara [AKA Tammy Hatwan] Hatwan (Violin),
Heather Clark (Flute), Joel Peskin (Saxophone), Leslie Reed (Oboe),
George Doering (Guitar), Andrew Bulbrook (Violin), Matt Chamberlain (Percussion),
Lisa Liu (Violin)
Conductor:  Jason Livesay,  Nathan Livesay
Written: England 
Length: 1 Minutes 24 Secs. 
Magnificent, song by Tim Miner
Performer:  Carmen Carter (), Hope Miner (), Claude McKnight (),
Tim Miner (Guitar), Karl Bynes (Voice), Tim Miner (Piano),
André Thomas (Drums), Babbi Page (), Tim Miner (Synthesizer),
Tim Miner (), Keisha Renee ()
Period: Contemporary 
Length: 2 Minutes 52 Secs. 
Children's Story, song by Ricky Walters
Performer:  Slick Rick (Voice)
Period: Contemporary 
Length: 4 Minutes 3 Secs. 
Let it Whip, song by Leon "Ndugu" Chancler
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Dazz Band
Period: Contemporary 
Length: 4 Minutes 44 Secs. 
One Shot, song by Alex Dezen
Performer:  Jordan [Juicy J] Houston (Voice), Robin Thicke (Voice)
Period: Contemporary 
Length: 3 Minutes 21 Secs. 
O Tannenbaum by Traditional
Performer:  Pamela Jacobson (Viola), Maya Magub (Violin), Luke Maurer (Viola),
Tamara [AKA Tammy Hatwan] Hatwan (Violin), Heather Clark (Flute), Kim Scholes (Cello),
Eric Byers (Cello), Lisa Liu (Violin), Benjamin Jacobson (Violin),
Larry Goldings (Keyboards), Matt Chamberlain (Percussion), Xiaodan Altenbach (Cello),
Steve Tavaglione (Synthesizer), Tim Miner (Synthesizer), Tom Ranier (Piano),
Rose Corrigan (Bassoon), Katie Kirkpatrick (Harp), Edward Meares (Double Bass),
Andrew Bulbrook (Violin), Matthew Funes (Viola), Dave Walther (Viola),
Serena McKinney (Violin), Randy Kerber (Keyboards), Bruce Dukov (Violin),
Alan Steinberger (Piano), William Frank "Bill" Jr. Reichenbach (Trombone), Alex Necioscup-Acuna (Percussion),
Armen Ksajikian (Cello), Drew Dembowski (Double Bass), Alyssa Park (Violin),
Natalie Leggett (Violin), Paul Henning (Violin), Cecilia Tsan (Cello),
André Thomas (Percussion), Chuck Findley (Trumpet), Charlie Bisharat (Violin),
Rafael Rishik (Violin), Christian Hebel (Violin), Julie Gigante (Violin),
Irina Voloshina (Violin), Helen Nightengale (Violin), Lawrence Williams (Saxophone),
Jessica E. Guideri (Violin), Randy Kerber (Piano), Ana Landauer (Violin),
Timothy Loo (Cello), Andrew Duckles (Viola), Michael Valerio (Double Bass),
Leslie Reed (Oboe), Daniel Greco (Percussion), Paula Hochhalter (Cello),
Michael Whitson (Viola), Steve Dress (Double Bass), Gary Grant (Trumpet),
Joel Peskin (Saxophone), Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick (Cello), Stuart Clark (Clarinet),
Shawn Mann (Viola), Katia Popov (Violin), Darrin McCann (Viola),
George Doering (Guitar)
Conductor:  Jason Livesay,  Nathan Livesay
Written: Westphalia, Germany 
Length: 1 Minutes 49 Secs. 
The very thought of you by Ray Noble
Performer:  Etta James (Voice)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: England 
Length: 4 Minutes 29 Secs. 
Machine Gun, song by Milan Williams
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Commodores
Length: 2 Minutes 40 Secs. 
Tender Love by James III Harris
Orchestra/Ensemble:  The Force M.D.'s
Period: Contemporary 
Length: 3 Minutes 56 Secs. 
All I Do Is Think of You by Michael Lovesmith
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Troop
Period: Contemporary 
Length: 4 Minutes 52 Secs. 

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