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Songs of Travel: I. The Vagabond
Songs of Travel: II. Let beauty awake
Songs of Travel: III. The Roadside Fire
Songs of Travel: IV. Youth and Love
Songs of Travel: V. In Dreams
Songs of Travel: VI. The infinite shining heavens
Songs of Travel: VI. The infinite shining heavens
Songs of Travel: VII. Whither must I wander
Songs of Travel: VIII. Bright is the ring of words
Songs of Travel: IX. I have trod the upward and the downward slope
Loveliest of trees
When I was one-and-twenty
Look not in my eyes
Think no more, lad
The lads in their hundreds
Is my team ploughing?
1. Bredon Hill
2. O fair enough are sky and plain
3. When the lad for longing sighs
4. On the idle hill of summer
5. With rue my heart is laden
No. 1. The Vagabond
No. 2. Let Beauty Awake
No. 3. The Roadside Fire
No. 4. Youth and Love
No. 5. In Dreams
No. 6. The Infinite Shining Heavens
No. 7. Whither must I Wander?
No. 8. Bright is the Ring of Words
No. 9. I Have Trod the Upward and Downward Slope
No. 1. Motion and Stillness
No. 2. Four Nights
No. 3. The New Ghost
No. 4. The Water Mill
No. 1. Love-Sight
No. 2. Silent Noon
No. 3. Love's Minstrels
No. 4. Heart's Haven
No. 5. Death in Love
No. 6. Love's Last Gift
No. 1. Come Away, Death
No. 2. O Mistress Mine
No. 3. Blow, Blow thou Winter Winds
Prelude - No. 1. The Bracelet
No. 2. The Maiden Blush
No. 3. To Daisies
No. 4. The Night Piece
No. 5. Julia's Hair
Interlude - No. 6. Cherry Ripe
No. 1. Autumn Evening
No. 2. April
No. 3. A Last Year's Rose
No. 4. Song of the Blackbird
No. 1. Weep You No More
No. 2. My Life's Delight
No. 3. Damask Roses
No. 4. The Faithless Shepherdess
No. 5. Brown is my Love
No. 6. By a Fountainside
No. 7. Fair House of Joy
No. 1. Dream Valley
No. 2. The Wild Flower's Song
No. 3. Daybreak
No. 1. Loveliest of Trees
No. 2. When I was one-and-twenty
No. 3. Look Not in My Eyes
No. 4. Think no more, Lad
No. 5. The Lads in their Hundreds
No. 6. Is My Team Ploughing?
No. 1. Bredon Hill
No. 2. O Fair enough are Sky and Plain
No. 3. When the Lad for Longing Sighs
No. 4. On the Idle Hill of Summer
No. 5. With Rue My Heart is Laden

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