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Part I: Prelude
Part I: Jesu, Maria - I am near to death (Gerontius)
Part I: Kyrie eleison (Chorus)
Part I: Rouse thee, my fainting soul (Gerontius)
Part I: Be merciful, be gracious (Chorus)
Part I: Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus (Gerontius)
Part I: I can no more; for now it comes again (Gerontius)
Part I: Rescue him, O Lord (Chorus)
Part I: Novissima hora est (Gerontius)
Part I: Profiscere, anima Christiana (The Priest)
Part I: Go, in the name of Angels (Chorus)
Part II: I went to sleep (The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: My work is done (The Angel, The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: It is a member of that family (Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: I ever had believed (The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: But hark, upon my sense comes a fierce hubbub (Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: Low-born clods of brute earth (Chorus)
Part II: The mind bold and independent (Chorus)
Part II: I see not those false spirits (The Soul of Gerontius, The Angel)
Part II: Praise to the Holiest (Chorus, Angel)
Part II: Glory to Him, who evermore by truth and justice reigns (Chorus)
Part II: But hark! A grand mysterious harmony (The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: Praise to the Holiest in the height (Chorus)
Part II: The judgment now is near (The Angel, The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: Jesu! By that shuddering dread (The Angel of the Agony)
Part II: I go before my Judge (The Soul of Gerontius, Chorus)
Part II: Praise to His Name! (The Angel)
Part II: Take me away, and in the lowest deep there let me be (The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: Lord, Thou hast been our refuge (Chorus)
Part II: Softly and gently (The Angel, Chorus)
Part II: Prelude
Act I: Overture
Act I Scene 1: Introduction: All is silent (Rhineberg)
Act I Scene 1: Air: Idle spirit (Rhineberg)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative and Chorus: Wake! Wake! (Rhineberg)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Where is ? (Rhineberg, Liba, )
Act I Scene 1: Air and Chorus: Flow on, oh silver Rhine (, Liba, Rhineberg)
Act I Scene 1: Duet: What does she say? (Rhineberg, )
Act I Scene 1: Romance: When the night winds ()
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: How can the slime of earth (Rhineberg)
Act I Scene 1: Chorus: Sail! Sail! on the midnight gale (Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Bring the mirror (Ghiva, Baron)
Act I Scene 2: Duet and Chorus: Rupert! haughty Rupert (Ghiva, Baron)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative and Trio: Ah, what's that, a note? (Baron, Ghiva, Rupert)
Act I Scene 2: Trio: I see by the grey of the morn (Baron, Rupert, Ghiva)
Act I Scene 3: Chorus: Drain the cup of pleasure (Guilhelm)
Act I Scene 3: Recitative and Chorus: Here's Count Rupert (Guilhelm, Rupert)
Act I Scene 3: Barcarolle: Our barque in silence (Rupert)
Act I Scene 3: Finale: When on yon rock (All)
Act II Scene 1: Chorus: Behold, behold wedges of gold (Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: Recitative and Solo: Under a spreading coral (Rhineberg, , Gnome)
Act II Scene 1: Recitative: 'Tis well he is at rest (Rhineberg)
Act II Scene 1: Chorus: From his Palace of Crystal (Chorus, )
Act II Scene 1: Recitative and Air: Sweet form (Rupert, )
Act II Scene 1: Rondo: Take this cup (Rupert, )
Act II Scene 1: Recitative: Open! Open! (Gnome, Liba, Rupert, )
Act II Scene 1: Trio and Chorus: My rage beware! (Gnome, , Rupert, Liba)
Act II Scene 1: Drinking Song: As through the glass (Gnome)
Act I: Cavatina: In dreams of endless pleasure (Languir per una bella) (Lindoro)
Act I: Duet: When U choose a girl to marry (Se inclinassi a prender moglie) (Lindoro, Mustafa)
Act I: Cavatina: Fate is cruel! (Quanta sorte!) (Isabella, Chorus)
Act I: Duet: From the buffets of misfortune (Ai capricci della sorte) (Isabella, Taddeo)
Act I: Aria: I am filled in an exquisite fashion (Gia d'insolito ardore nel petto) (Mustafa)
Act I: Finale: We salute you, oh master of women (Viva, viva il flagel delle donne) (Chorus, Haly, Mustafa)
Act I: Oh, how amusing! (Oh! Che muso, che figura!) (Isabella, Mustafa)
Act I: Please tell me where my niece is (Vo' star con mia nipote) (Taddeo, Haly, Mustafa, Isabella)
Act I: Though we must part from you (Pria di dividerci da voi, Signore) (Elvira, Zulma, Lindoro, Isabella, Mustafa, Haly, Taddeo)
Act I: Tell me, who is this woman? (Dite: che e quella femmina) (Isabella, Mustafa, Elvira, Zulma, Lindoro, Haly, Chorus)
Act II: Aria: All this shouting makes my head ache (Ho un gran peso sulla testa) (Taddeo, Chorus)
Act II: Cavatina: Sweetest treasure, dearest pleasure (Per lui che adoro) (Isabella, Mustafa, Taddeo, Lindoro)
Act II: Trio: Sugar-daddy! How delightful! (Pappataci! Che mai sento!) (Mustafa, Lindoro, Taddeo)
Act II: Rondo: Think of your country (Pensa alla patria, e intrepido) (Isabella, Chorus)

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