David Gilbert

It's still the most beautiful view in the world (Alida, Grace, Waiter, Jenny's Voice, Barbara's Voice)
Yes, and your Barbara in the lead, as usual! (Alida, Jenny, Barbara)
Sounds pretty risky to me (Grace, Alida, Barbara, Jenny)
Ah, Febbre perniciosa, si, si ... (Waiter, Jenny, Barbara, Alida, Grace)
Well, tell us more about these pilots (Alida, Jenny, Barbara, Grace, Waiter)
Bells! Bells! Always the bells (Alida)
My dear, your down! That didn't take long (Alida, Jenny)
Oh, Mrs. Slade your pearls! (Barbara, Jenny, Alida, Waiter, Grace)
High in the sky will I find my dream (Barbara, Grace, Jenny, Alida)
They're here! They must be in the lobby (Barbara, Jenny, Alida, Gace, The Girls)
The Forum looks dark and immense from here and frightening with its shadow (Alida, Grace)
Yes! I horrify you? (Alida, Grace)
I remember laughing all that evening to think of you waiting in the dark (Alida, Grace)
Act I: Prologue: Every time the sun goes down (Distant voices, Aunt Hannah, A Boy's Voice, Andrew, Voices, Jay, Rufus)
Act I Scene 1: Hey, little boy, what's your name? (Boy 1, Rufus, 3 Boys, Jay)
Act I Scene 2: One mother: thats all the good Lord gave us ... (Sentimental Drunk, Bartender, Jay, Rufus, Neighbor, The Others, Banjo Player, Voices)
Act I Scene 2: Aria: Gone! the mountains, the shaddy hills (Jay, Voices, Voice of Jesse)
Act I Scene 3: Damn! (Mary, Catherine, Joel, Aunt Hannah)
Act I Scene 3: What a lovely night, Hmm ... (Mary, Father Jackson, Jay, Rufus)
Act I Scene 4: They're here, they're here! (Rufus, Mary, Jay, Ralph, Sally, Jesse, John Henry, Sadie, The Others, Voices, Solo Voice, Distant Voice)
Act I Scene 4: By golly, that's it! (Ralph, Jay, Sally, John Henry, Mary, Sadie, Rufus, Voices, Solo Voice, The Others)
Act I Scene 5: Lord, how my baby has grown! (Victoria, Rufus, Voices)
Act I Scene 6: Hi, Mama! (Rufus, Mary, Jay, Voice of Father Jackson, Voices in the Distance)
Act III Scene 5: Look at the basin, the eye there, look! (Voices in Rufus' Nightmare, Rufus, Jay's Voice, Aunt Hannah, Andrew's Voice, Other Voices)
I. Sensuous and mysterious
II. Playful and sparkling

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