David Alan Miller

I. Allegro maestoso
II. Andante
III. Presto
I. Moderately fast (with vigor and bounce)
II. Pavane: Allegretto
III. Very fast - racy
I. Bells
II. Imagining Things
III. Play
Good afternoon (Old Lady, Student, Workman)
This is the time (Old Lady, Student)
Mother, we've been searching everywhere! (Son, Old Lady, Student)
If I were your mother (Student)
Thank you for your thoughts (Son, Student, Old Lady)
Excuse me. May I borrow your program? (Old Lady, Workman, Student, Son, Chorus)
Where have you been? (Old Lady, Student)
How can I love you? (Boy, Girl, Old Lady)
A nickel or a dime (Panhandler, Old Lady, Student)
But look. A group of peasants is gathering in the village square (Old Lady, Chorus, Student)
Here's your wheelchair, Mother (Son, Nurse, Old Lady, Chorus)
Oh Mother, what now? (Daughter, Old Lady, Son, Chorus, Nurse, Student)
Maybe we're wrong to ship her off (Son, Student, Nurse, Daughter, Chorus, Old Lady)
Alright Mother. Enough is enough (Son, Daughter, Nurse, Chorus)
And It Shall Come to Pass
And I Will Show Wonders
Whosoever Shall Call
I. Somber
II. Spirited
III. Singing
IV. Fast and brilliant
I. Adagio - Allegro
II. Andante
III. Allegretto
IV. Presto
I. Lento
II. Allegro
III. Andante
IV. Vivace
V. Adagio
I. Maestoso, allegro
II. Andante pastorale
III. Allegretto giocoso
IV. Vivace saltellante
I. Maestoso - Allegro grazioso - Maestoso
II. Con fantasia - Subito piu mosso
III. Allegro con fuoco
I. Variations: Brisk march tempo
II. Bivouac: Slowly
III. Quickstep: Fast-driving tempo
IV. Memorial: Slow
Mac's dance
Motorist and Mac
Truck Driver's Dance
Scene: Trooper and Truck Drivers
Dance of Family Life
The Big Apple
The Hold-up
The Chase
I. Declaration: Moderato con fuoco -
II. Chorale: Lento -
III. Finale: Presto
I. With enery and precision
II. Deliberately -
III. half note = ca. 144
I. Vigoroso con spirito (quarter note = ca. 72)
II. Tenderly, simply
III. quarter note = 144
I. Moderately fast - rhapsodic and intense
II. Moderately slow and relaxed
III. Moderately fast with sardonic humor
IV. Declamatory - moving tempo
I. Reflective, brooding, tender
II. Maestoso
III. Molto tranquillo
IV. quarter note = 88
Episode I
Episode II
Episode III
Episode IV
Episode V
Episode VI
Episode VII
Episode VIII
I. Brightly
II. Slowly, with the feeling of blues
III. Brightly, in a gay manner
I. Perpetual Emotion
II. Spiritual?
III. Scherzofrenia
IV. Conclusion?
I. Toccata
II. Variazioni
III. Ciaccona
IV. Finale
I. Allegro moderato e leggiero
II. Allegro volatile
III. Allegro grazioso
I. Sconsolato
II. Nostalgico
III. Militante
IV. Appassionata
V. Esuberante
I. Prologue
II. Dance I
III. Dance II
IV. Reflections
V. Dance III
VI. Epilogue
1. What's that spell?
2. Ballerina
3. Drum Majorette
4. Oh Ken
5. What's that spell? (reprise)
I. Tune Up
II. Theme
III. Scene
IV. March
V. Serenade
VI. Ballad
VII. Toccata
I. Fast - Vigorous
II. Chant
III. Fast - With Gusto
I. Prelude
II. Tango
III. Dirge
IV. Ballad
V. Strum
I. quarter note = 126
II. Canto
III. Allegro tempestuoso
I. Canzona
II. Toccata
I. Maestoso: Allegro
II. Grave
III. Allegro vivace
I. Fanfare for Albany, for Maestro David Alan Miller
II. The Bend in the River, after Frederick E. Church, for Peter Kermani
III. The Source, for Lyn Chase
IV. Along the Hudson, after Walt Whitman for J.D. McClatchy
I. Sources
II. The View from Olana
III. Dances on a Terrace
IV. A Glimpse of West Point
V. Past Gotham and on to the Sea

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