Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Nielsen: Symphony No 4 & 5 / Michael Schonwandt, Danish Nso
Release Date: 06/30/2009   Label: Naxos  
Catalog: 8570739   Number of Discs: 1
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Herrmann: Moby Dick; Sinfonietta / Schonwandt, Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Release Date: 10/25/2011   Label: Chandos  
Catalog: 5095   Number of Discs: 1
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Shostakovich: Cello Concertos 1 & 2 / Dindo, Noseda, Danish National Symphony
Release Date: 01/31/2012   Label: Chandos  
Catalog: 5093   Number of Discs: 1
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Mahler: Symphony No. 9 / 	Michael Schoenwandt , Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Release Date: 07/08/2014   Label: Challenge  
Catalog: 72636   Number of Discs: 2
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There are 37 Danish National Symphony Orchestra recordings available.

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Act I Scene 1: Ja, disse omme elskovsklange (Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, d'Argenville)
Act I Scene 4: Kaere Greve, ak, det skonne syn af Deres unge frue (Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, Rene)
Act I Scene 5: O, hor mig, forend vi gar ind, Suzon (Rene, Suzon)
Act I Scene 6: Aha, saerdeles net, forsiringer i guld (Scaramouche)
Act I Scene 7: For fanden, av! Mit oje star i flammer (Scaramouche, Jean)
Act I Scene 7: Hvem kommer der? - Scene 8: Ah! fru grevinden! - Scene 9: De har et rart og venligt lille ansigt (Scaramouche, Suzon, Jean, Annette)
Act I Scene 10: Ja, min Salighed! Der kommer nogen (Scaramouche, Suzon)
Act I Scene 11: Der bolger som en uro gennem luften (Suzon, Annette)
Act II Scene 1: Introduzione, quasi tarantella: Fingrene vaek! Jeg tror, hun er gal! (Majordomo, La Scaramouche)
Act II Scene 1: Jeg har en ide - Scene 3: Der har vi direktoren; er I parat (Scaramouche, La Scaramouche, Saint Lambert, Lauzannes, Montmorency)
Act II Scene 3: En vise, sunget af en lille uskyldshvid hyrdinde (La Scaramouche, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, Lauzannes)
Act II Scene 3: Truppens primadonna, fru grevinde - Scene 4: Hvad nu? Er De nu der igen? (Montmorency, Saint Lambert, Lauzannes, Suzon)
Act II Scene 4: Man kan en kat pa kloen (Scaramouche, Suzon)
Act II Scene 4: Men pengene forst - Scene 5: Ga dog, afsindige, ga Deres vej! (Scaramouche, Suzon, Rene)
Act II Scene 6: Du ryster, sig mig kaere, hvad er haendt? (Rene, Suzon)
Act II Scene 7: Hvad er der haendt, hvad skal det betyde? (La Scaramouche, Scaramouche)
Act II Scene 7: Han er tindrende gal! (La Scaramouche) - Interludium
Act II Scene 8: Se der, der kommer hun! - Scene 9: Du laenker mig med Amors rosenkaeder! (Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, La Scaramouche)
Act II Scene 9: Carvel var sig en haedersmand (La Scaramouche, Choir)
Act II Scene 10: Jeg har dromt sa tit om min bryllupsfest (Suzon, Rene)
Act II Scene 11: Nadige frue, gor mig den aere at tomme et glas (d'Argenville, Suzon)
Act II Scene 12: Her er jeg! (Rene, d'Argenville, Montmorency, Saint Lambert, Lauzannes)
Act II Scene 13: Robert! (Rene, Robert, Suzon)
Act III Scene 1: Hvad har jeg gjort! (Rene)
Act III Scene 2: Her bringer jeg notaren, hr. Dumont (Robert, Notary, Rene)
Act III Scene 2: Bed mine venner komme med det samme - Scene 3: Nu vil De le, men det er alvor, hor (Rene, Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency)
Act III Scene 4: Til tjeneste, hr. greve (d'Argenville, Rene, Saint Lambert)
Act III Scene 4: Kongen! - Scene 5: Afbryder jeg en spog ved festen? (Scaramouche, King, Saint Lambert, d'Argenville, Rene, Montmorency, Lauzannes)
Act III Scene 5: Hendes Nade (Saint Lambert, Scaramouche, King, La Scaramouche)
Act III Scene 6: Tak, Saint Lambert, min tak skal De ha' (Rene, Lauzannes, Montmorency, Scaramouche, Saint Lambert)
Act III Scene 6: Tillykke med geviret!- Scene 7: Chloe har givet ham slojfen (Montmorency, Rene, Lauzannes, Saint Lambert)
Act III Scene 7: Det er for sent, Rene - Scene 8: Suzon, du gor mig uret (Suzon, Rene, Majordomo)
Act III Scene 8: Kom nu, Rene, nu tier alting stille (Suzon, Rene, Choir)
Act III Scene 9: Ja, disse omme elskovsklange (Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, Notary, Choir)
I. Allegretto
II. Moderato
III. Cadenza
IV. Allegro con moto
I. Largo ?
II. Scherzo: Allegretto ?
III. Finale: Allegretto
And God created great whales (Chorus)
Call me Ishmael ? And in the wild conceits (Ishmael)
Hymn: The ribs and terrors in the whale ? With speed he flew to my relief ? My song for ever shall record (Chorus)
At last anchor was up, the sails were set (Ishmael)
Send everyone aft; mastheads there! Come down! (Ahab)
Yonder, by the ever-brimming goblet's rim ? I, the wearer, see not its far flashings ? Dry heat upon my brow? ? Gifted with the high perception ? Good night -...good night (Ahab)
Hist, boys! Let's have a jig! ? Oh! Jolly is the gate (Drunken Sailor) ? Oh! Thou big white God aloft there (Pip)
It was a clear steel-blue day (Ishmael) ? Oh, Starbuck! It is a mild, mild wind ? Aye, toil how we may ? Starbuck! (Ahab)
There she blows! There she blows! (Sailor) ? Starbuck, some men die at ebb tide (Ahab) Oh! My captain, my captain! Go not! Go not! (Starbuck)
Lower away! Stand by the crew! ? I turn my bod from the sun ? Sink all coffins and all hearses (Ahab)
Thus, I give up the spear! (Ahab) ? And I only am escaped alone to tell thee (Ishmael)
I. Prelude: Slowly
II. Scherzo: Presto
III. Adagio -
IV. Interlude: Largo
V. Variations
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Menuetto
IV. Molto allegro
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Menuetto
IV. Presto
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Allegro
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Allegro
I. Allegro
II. Poco allegretto (8 bars after tempo marking)
III. Poco adagio quasi andante
IV. Con anima - Allegro
I. Allegro giusto -
I. Adagio non troppo
II. Allegro -
II. Presto -
II. Andante un poco tranquillo -
II. Allegro (Tempo I)
Act I: Flute solo
Act I: Funeral procession
Act I: Chorus of the mountain spirits
Act I: Adagio - Tempo di marcia - Allegro non troppo - Andantino - Andante espressivo
Act II: A beautiful square in Isfahan
Act II: Distant festival music
Act II: Genie of the Lamp
Act II: Gulnare and Aladdin (Love scene)
Act III: Genie of the Lamp
Act III: Oriental festival march
Act III: Andante
Act III: March
Act III: Chinese dance
Act III: Prisoner's dance
Act III: Hindu dance
Act III: Blackamoor's dance
Act III: Dance and chorus
Act IV: Gulnare's song
Act IV: Poco adagio
Act IV: Genie of the Lamp
Act IV: Aladdin's dream - Dance of the morning mists
Act IV: Andantino maestoso
Act IV: Aladdin visiting his mother's grave,"Aladdin's lullaby"
Act IV: Andante maestoso
Act V: Andante
Act V: Andante con moto
Act V: Fatime's evening song
Act V: The Messenger and the Ghost
Act V: The struggle between Hindbad and Aladdin
Act V: Eulogy (All the good genies)
I. Allegro collerico
II. Allegro comodo e flammatico
III. Andante malincolico
IV. Allegro sanguineo
I. Allegro orgoglioso
II. Andante
III. Allegro comodo - Andante sostenuto - Tempo I
IV. Finale: Allegro con fuoco
I. Tempo giusto
II. Humoreske: Allegretto
III. Proposta seria: Adagio
IV. Tema con variazioni
I. Indledningsfanfare (Introductory fanfare)
II. Upaagtede morgenstjerner (Unnoticed morning stars)
III. Marmorkirken ringer (The Marble Church rings)
IV. De traette star op til livet (The tired get up for life)
V. Radio-Caruso og tvangsenergi (Radio-Caruso and forced energy)
VI. 'Farmaend' farer til kontoret ('Dads' rush to the office)
VII. Sol og břgeskov (Sun and beech forest)
No. 1. Snart er de lyse Naetters Tid forbi (Soon the time of the bright nights will be past)
No. 2. Og da jeg sejled dit Hus forbi (And when I sailed past your house)
No. 3. Jeg sejled en Nat over Havet (One night, I sailed over the sea)

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