Danish National Chorus

There are 8 Danish National Chorus recordings available.

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Act I: Flute solo
Act I: Funeral procession
Act I: Chorus of the mountain spirits
Act I: Adagio - Tempo di marcia - Allegro non troppo - Andantino - Andante espressivo
Act II: A beautiful square in Isfahan
Act II: Distant festival music
Act II: Genie of the Lamp
Act II: Gulnare and Aladdin (Love scene)
Act III: Genie of the Lamp
Act III: Oriental festival march
Act III: Andante
Act III: March
Act III: Chinese dance
Act III: Prisoner's dance
Act III: Hindu dance
Act III: Blackamoor's dance
Act III: Dance and chorus
Act IV: Gulnare's song
Act IV: Poco adagio
Act IV: Genie of the Lamp
Act IV: Aladdin's dream - Dance of the morning mists
Act IV: Andantino maestoso
Act IV: Aladdin visiting his mother's grave,"Aladdin's lullaby"
Act IV: Andante maestoso
Act V: Andante
Act V: Andante con moto
Act V: Fatime's evening song
Act V: The Messenger and the Ghost
Act V: The struggle between Hindbad and Aladdin
Act V: Eulogy (All the good genies)
Lelio: "Dieu! je vis encore"
Le Pecheur. Ballade de Goethe. Andantino
Lelio: "Etrange persistance d'un souvenir!" -
Choeur d'ombres. Largo misterioso
Lelio: "O Shakespeare! Shakespeare!"
Chanson de brigands. Allegro marcato con impeto
Lelio: "Comme mon esprit flotte incertain!"
Chant de bonheur - Hymne. Larghetto un poco lento
Lelio: "Oh! que ne puis-je la trouver"
La Harpe eolienne - Souvenirs. Larghetto
Lelio: "Mair pourquoi m'abandonner a ces dangereuses illusions?"
Introdution. Andante non troppo lento -
La Tempete. Allegro assai, un peu retenu en commencant -
L'Action. Un peu moins vite -
Le Denoument. Tempo I piu animato con fuoco - Presto
Lelio: "Assez pour aujord'hui"
Coda. Allegro meno mosso
I. Indledningsfanfare (Introductory fanfare)
II. Upaagtede morgenstjerner (Unnoticed morning stars)
III. Marmorkirken ringer (The Marble Church rings)
IV. De traette star op til livet (The tired get up for life)
V. Radio-Caruso og tvangsenergi (Radio-Caruso and forced energy)
VI. 'Farmaend' farer til kontoret ('Dads' rush to the office)
VII. Sol og bøgeskov (Sun and beech forest)
I. Ordsprogenes Bog
II. Hojsangen
III. Klagesangene
I. Selig sind, die da Leid tragen
II. Denn alles Fleisch es ist wie Gras
III. Herr, lehre doch mich
IV. Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen
V. Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit
VI. Denn wir haben hie keine bleibende Statt
VII. Selig sind die Toten

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