Danish National Choir

Nielsen: Maskarade / Schonwandt, Royal Danish Opera
Release Date: 08/14/2015   Label: Dacapo  
Catalog: 6220641   Number of Discs: 2
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Act I Scene 1: Ja, disse omme elskovsklange (Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, d'Argenville)
Act I Scene 4: Kaere Greve, ak, det skonne syn af Deres unge frue (Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, Rene)
Act I Scene 5: O, hor mig, forend vi gar ind, Suzon (Rene, Suzon)
Act I Scene 6: Aha, saerdeles net, forsiringer i guld (Scaramouche)
Act I Scene 7: For fanden, av! Mit oje star i flammer (Scaramouche, Jean)
Act I Scene 7: Hvem kommer der? - Scene 8: Ah! fru grevinden! - Scene 9: De har et rart og venligt lille ansigt (Scaramouche, Suzon, Jean, Annette)
Act I Scene 10: Ja, min Salighed! Der kommer nogen (Scaramouche, Suzon)
Act I Scene 11: Der bolger som en uro gennem luften (Suzon, Annette)
Act II Scene 1: Introduzione, quasi tarantella: Fingrene vaek! Jeg tror, hun er gal! (Majordomo, La Scaramouche)
Act II Scene 1: Jeg har en ide - Scene 3: Der har vi direktoren; er I parat (Scaramouche, La Scaramouche, Saint Lambert, Lauzannes, Montmorency)
Act II Scene 3: En vise, sunget af en lille uskyldshvid hyrdinde (La Scaramouche, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, Lauzannes)
Act II Scene 3: Truppens primadonna, fru grevinde - Scene 4: Hvad nu? Er De nu der igen? (Montmorency, Saint Lambert, Lauzannes, Suzon)
Act II Scene 4: Man kan en kat pa kloen (Scaramouche, Suzon)
Act II Scene 4: Men pengene forst - Scene 5: Ga dog, afsindige, ga Deres vej! (Scaramouche, Suzon, Rene)
Act II Scene 6: Du ryster, sig mig kaere, hvad er haendt? (Rene, Suzon)
Act II Scene 7: Hvad er der haendt, hvad skal det betyde? (La Scaramouche, Scaramouche)
Act II Scene 7: Han er tindrende gal! (La Scaramouche) - Interludium
Act II Scene 8: Se der, der kommer hun! - Scene 9: Du laenker mig med Amors rosenkaeder! (Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, La Scaramouche)
Act II Scene 9: Carvel var sig en haedersmand (La Scaramouche, Choir)
Act II Scene 10: Jeg har dromt sa tit om min bryllupsfest (Suzon, Rene)
Act II Scene 11: Nadige frue, gor mig den aere at tomme et glas (d'Argenville, Suzon)
Act II Scene 12: Her er jeg! (Rene, d'Argenville, Montmorency, Saint Lambert, Lauzannes)
Act II Scene 13: Robert! (Rene, Robert, Suzon)
Act III Scene 1: Hvad har jeg gjort! (Rene)
Act III Scene 2: Her bringer jeg notaren, hr. Dumont (Robert, Notary, Rene)
Act III Scene 2: Bed mine venner komme med det samme - Scene 3: Nu vil De le, men det er alvor, hor (Rene, Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency)
Act III Scene 4: Til tjeneste, hr. greve (d'Argenville, Rene, Saint Lambert)
Act III Scene 4: Kongen! - Scene 5: Afbryder jeg en spog ved festen? (Scaramouche, King, Saint Lambert, d'Argenville, Rene, Montmorency, Lauzannes)
Act III Scene 5: Hendes Nade (Saint Lambert, Scaramouche, King, La Scaramouche)
Act III Scene 6: Tak, Saint Lambert, min tak skal De ha' (Rene, Lauzannes, Montmorency, Scaramouche, Saint Lambert)
Act III Scene 6: Tillykke med geviret!- Scene 7: Chloe har givet ham slojfen (Montmorency, Rene, Lauzannes, Saint Lambert)
Act III Scene 7: Det er for sent, Rene - Scene 8: Suzon, du gor mig uret (Suzon, Rene, Majordomo)
Act III Scene 8: Kom nu, Rene, nu tier alting stille (Suzon, Rene, Choir)
Act III Scene 9: Ja, disse omme elskovsklange (Lauzannes, Saint Lambert, Montmorency, Notary, Choir)
And God created great whales (Chorus)
Call me Ishmael ? And in the wild conceits (Ishmael)
Hymn: The ribs and terrors in the whale ? With speed he flew to my relief ? My song for ever shall record (Chorus)
At last anchor was up, the sails were set (Ishmael)
Send everyone aft; mastheads there! Come down! (Ahab)
Yonder, by the ever-brimming goblet's rim ? I, the wearer, see not its far flashings ? Dry heat upon my brow? ? Gifted with the high perception ? Good night -...good night (Ahab)
Hist, boys! Let's have a jig! ? Oh! Jolly is the gate (Drunken Sailor) ? Oh! Thou big white God aloft there (Pip)
It was a clear steel-blue day (Ishmael) ? Oh, Starbuck! It is a mild, mild wind ? Aye, toil how we may ? Starbuck! (Ahab)
There she blows! There she blows! (Sailor) ? Starbuck, some men die at ebb tide (Ahab) Oh! My captain, my captain! Go not! Go not! (Starbuck)
Lower away! Stand by the crew! ? I turn my bod from the sun ? Sink all coffins and all hearses (Ahab)
Thus, I give up the spear! (Ahab) ? And I only am escaped alone to tell thee (Ishmael)
Act I Scene 1: Quando avran fine omai l'aspre sventure mie? (Ilia)
Act I Scene 1: Padre, germani, addio! (Ilia) - Ecco Idamante, ahime (Ilia)
Act I Scene 2: Rudante i Troiani, ite (Idamante, Ilia)
Act I Scene 2: Non ho colpa, e mi condanni (Idamante)
Act I Scene 2: Ecco il misero resto de' Troiani (Ilia, Idamante)
Act I Scene 3: Godiam la pace, trionfi Amore (Chorus of Trojans and Cretans, 2 Cretan Women, 2 Trojan Men)
Act I Scene 4: Prence, signor, tutta la Grecia oltraggi (Elettra, Idamante)
Act I Scene 6: Estinto e Idomeneo? ... (Elettra)
Act I Scene 6: Tutte nel cor vi sento (Elettra)
Act I Scene 7: Pieta! Numi, pieta! (Chorus of Sailors)
Act I Scene 8: Ecco ci salvi alfin (Idomeneo)
Act I Scene 9: Vedrommi intorno l'ombra dolente (Idomeneo)
Act I Scene 9: Cieli! Che veggo? (Idomeneo)
Act I Scene 10: ll padre adorato ritrovo, e lo perdo (Idamante)
Act I Scene 11: March
Act I Scene 11: Ballo delle donne Cretesi
Act I Scene 11: Nettuno s'onori, quel nome risuoni (Chorus of Cretan Citizens, Semichorus)

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