Daniel Stabrawa


Polish-born Daniel Stabrawa is one of the leading orchestral violinists of Europe, a well-established chamber player and, since 1995, a rising conductor of chamber concerts.

Stabrawa first came to international attention as the winner of several prestigious violin competitions. In 1979, he became concertmaster of the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Krakow. In 1983 he won an audition for appointment as a violinist with the Berlin
Read more Philharmonic and joined that orchestra. In 1986 he became its principal concertmaster.

As such he has frequently played solo violin parts in the symphonic repertory in concert and in record, and also appeared as a concert soloist regularly with European orchestras.

Meanwhile, in 1984, his predecessor as principal concertmaster, together with the leaders of the second violin, viola, and cello sections of the Berlin Philharmonic, founded the Philharmonia Quartett Berlin, establishing the tradition that its members be the principal players of each of the orchestra's string groups. Stabrawa has, accordingly, become first violinist of the Philharmonia Quartett Berlin. As such, he plays in the five concerts annually sponsored by the orchestra itself, as well as in regular touring which take it to the most prestigious concert halls, music festivals, and conservatories of the world.

In 1994, Stabrawa expanded his musical activities when he accepted the position as director of the Capella Bydgostsiensis Orchestra, a chamber orchestra drawn from the membership of the Paderewski Pomeranian Philharmonic, located in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz. Read less

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