Claire Rutter

Puccini: Highlights From La Boheme & Madama Butterfly / Rutter, Abell
Release Date: 11/11/2008   Label: Royal Philharmonic Masterworks  
Catalog: 28300   Number of Discs: 1
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Europa steht! (Chorus)
Recitative: O seht sie nah' und naher treten! (Fuhrer des Volkes, Genius, Chorus)
Aria with Chorus: O Himmel, welch' Entzucken! (Vienna, Chorus)
Recitative: Das Auge schaut (Seherin, Chorus)
Recitative and Quartet: Der den Bund im Sturme fest gehalten (Seherin, Vienna, Fuhrer des Volkes, Genius)
Es treten hervor (Chorus)
O Fortuna
Fortune plango vulnera
Veris leta facies
Omnia sol temperat
Ecce gratum
Floret Silva
Chramer, gip die verwe mir
Were diu werlt alle min
Estuans interius
Olim lacus colueram
Ego sum abbas
In taberna quando sumus
Amor volat undique
Dies, nox et omnia
Stetit puella
Circa mea pectora
Si puer cum puellula
Veni, veni, venias
In trutina
Tempus est iocundum
Ave formosissima
O Fortuna
Scene 1: A mountainous place near Bethlehem
Scene 1: Once more I see your green and golden hills, O Judah! (Naomi, Ruth, Orpah)
Scene 1: Turn back, my daughters (Naomi, Ruth, Orpah)
Scene 1: Almighty Father, let my cry come unto thee! (Naomi, Orpah, Ruth)
Scene 1: Ah, must I leave thee? Must we part? (Orpah, Naomi, Ruth)
Scene 1: Whither thou goest, I will go (Ruth, Naomi)
Scene 1: See! Is this Naomi!? (Women, Naomi)
Scene 1: Ah, call me not Naomi, let Mara be my name (Naomi)
Scene 1: Where, ah, where is Naomi? (Women, Naomi, Ruth)
Scene 2: A harvest field belonging to Boaz - Gold grows the barley on hillside and valley (Men)
Scene 2: Greetings, men of Judah! (Women, Head Reaper)
Scene 2: The scatter'd ear of corn (Women, Men)
Scene 2: Come, let us go forth together (Head Reaper, Women, Men, Ruth)
Scene 2: Stay, men of Judah! (Boaz, Men, Women, Head Reaper, Ruth)
Scene 2: I had no wish to anger them (Ruth, Boaz, Head Reaper)
Scene 2: Ah, let not anger fill your eyes! (Ruth, Boaz)
Scene 2: Whence cometh this to me, that thou should'st deign to notice me? (Ruth, Boaz)
Scene 2: The scatter'd ear of corn (Women, Men, Boaz)
Scene 3: A threshing-floor, at night - This is the place! Come, daughter (Naomi, Ruth)
Scene 3: Fear not, beloved Ruth! (Naomi, Ruth)
Scene 3: Golden ripe the barley grows (Women, Men, Naomi, Ruth, Head Reaper, Boaz)
Scene 3: Lord of the Harvest, what are thy commands? (Men, Head Reaper, Women, Boaz)
Scene 3: Winter time is time to plough, aie, the wind does bite! (Men, Women)
Scene 3: Across the field the long slow line of reapers goes a-reaping (Women)
Scene 3: Dance, come dance, dance within the ring (Women, Men, Head Reaper)
Scene 3: O clap your hands, all ye people! (Boaz, Women, Men)
Scene 3: Go now, my daughter (Naomi, Ruth)
Scene 3: Master! (Ruth, Boaz)
Scene 3: Thou comest in the stillness of the night (Boaz, Ruth)
Scene 3: Lo, my beloved, my soul's delight, to thee I give my hand (Boaz, Ruth)
Scene 3: Ho there, my people! (Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, Women, Men)
Scene 3: Behold this maid (Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, Head Reaper, Women, Men)
Scene 3: Rejoice, O Israel, rejoice (Head Reaper, Women, Men, Ruth, Naomi, Boaz)
Scene 1: Salt, pepper, olive oil (Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Boy)
Scene 1: I'm sorry, Milady, I came through the front door (Mrs. Kneebone, Lady Dunmow, Lord Dunmow)
Scene 1: In the summer of my time (Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Mrs. Kneebone)
Scene 1: At Missis Ellibank's in Wimbledon (Mrs. Kneebone, Lady Dunmow, Lord Dunmow)
Scene 1: Mother, please can I help? (Susan, Lady Dunmow, Mrs. Kneebone, Lord Dunmow)
Scene 1: He was a quiet little boy (Lady Dunmow, Susan, Mrs. Kneebone, Lord Dunmow)
Scene 1: Prenez 6 belles tomates (Lady Dunmow, Lord Dunmow, Mrs. Kneebone, Susan)
Scene 1: Is this the residence of the Earl and Countess of Dunmow? (Prince Philippe, Mrs. Kneebone)
Scene 2: So this, dear Lady Dunmow, is your drawing room (Duchess, Lady Dunmow, Prince Philippe, Lord Dunmow)
Scene 2: I never moved a muscle (Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Duchess, Prince Philippe)
Scene 2: Forgive my curiosity, but is your servant that young girl ...? (Prince Philippe, Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Duchess)
Scene 2: Come and see our little garden (Lady Dunmow, Lord Dunmow, Prince Philippe, Duchess)
Scene 2: This way, Ma'am, through the back door (Lord Dunmow, Duchess, Prince Philippe, Susan)
Scene 2: Oh, shall I kneel in shame ... ? (Susan, Prince Philippe)
Scene 2: I like to imagine how these must have looked (Susan, Prince Philippe)
Scene 2: Mon aimee attend la lune (Prince Philippe)
Scene 2: Kiss her at once! (Duchess, Prince Philippe, Susan, Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Boy)
Scene 2: Let her beauty be her dowry (Duchess, Susan, Prince Philippe, Lord Dunmow, Lady Dunmow, Boy, Mrs. Kneebone)
Scene 2: My Lords, Ladies, Duchess and gentlemen! (Mrs. Kneebone, Prince Philippe, Susan)

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