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Born: February 27, 1848   Died: October 7, 1918   Country: England   Period: Late Romantic
Sir Hubert Parry was a student of Pierson and Dannreuther at Oxford thence becoming both a teacher and prolific composer. Publications began as early as 1860 including works for piano, voice and church pieces. He was one of the initial professors at the Royal College of Music as well as a contributor to "Grove" when Grove was the president of the RCM. He replaced Grove as director of the RCM in 1894 and held a professorship at Oxford between 1900 Read more and 1908. His anthem "I was glad" was written for the coronation of Edward VII and has been played at coronation services in England since that time. Scholastically Parry wrote an important biography on Bach and a treatise on "The Evolution of the Art of Music." Many of Parry's works are worthy of performance today because of their vitality and exploration of Wagnerian musical ideas. Read less

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