Carl Michael Ziehrer


Born: May 2, 1843; Vienna, Austria   Died: November 14, 1922; Vienna, Austria  
With the help of his friend Carl Haslinger, Ziehrer made his conducting debut in 1863 leading a dance orchestra. Involved with military bands and founder and editor of the "Deutsche Musik-Zeitung," Ziehrer began to make an impact on Austrian music. He conducted as a rival to Eduard Strauss but his dance compositions were only in slight contention with those of the Strauss'. Ziehrer's marches, however, were considered among the finest that Austria Read more had to offer. In 1878, after his stint with the military, Ziehrer formed a civilian band incorporating a number of musicians from the Strauss orchestras. By 1885 he was conducting the military regiment band, Hoch und Deutschmeister, taking them to the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. Ziehrer was the last person to hold the title of Hofballmusickdirektor in Austria. Read less

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