Carl Bamberger


Born: February 21, 1902; Vienna, Austria   Died: July 18, 1987; New York, NY  
Viennese conductor Carl Bamberger was a student of Heinrich Schenker at the University of Vienna and began his conducting career in Danzig (i.e., Gdansk, Poland). While conducting in Darmstadt, Bamberger decided to sidestep the rise of National Socialism in Germany by immigrating to Russia, but permanently resettled in the United States in 1937. Bamberger taught orchestra and opera at the Mannes School of Music starting in 1939. At the end of the Read more Second World War, he returned to West Germany a number of times to conduct productions; most of his recordings were made under these circumstances. Bamberger, however, is not best known for his conducting, but for his writing, particularly the book The Conductor's Art (1965), which is a standard text widely used in the training of conductors. Read less
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