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Act I: Hail! Let us greet the spring with singing (Tutti, Greta)
Act I: Scene: Well, Vogl, how are things at the opera? (Kuppelweiser, Vogl, Schwind, Bellabruna, Count Scharntoff, Franz Schubert)
Act I: Song: I feel your flowing eyes (Bellabruna, Count Scharntoff)
Act I: Trio: Three little maids (Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi)
Act I: Dialogue: Oh, isn't it wonderful! (Fritzi, Kitzi, Erkmann, Binder, Mitzi, Franz Schubert, Vogl, Kuppelweiser, Herr Kranz, Schwind)
Act I: Ensemble: Good afternoon! (Baron Schober, Vogl, Schwind, Kuppelweiser, Franz Schubert)
Act I: Dialogue: My dear friend, it's exquisite! (Baron Schober, Franz Schubert, Vogl, Tutti)
Act I: Quintet: Birds are darting, buds are starting (Five Friends)
Act I: Dialogue: Come along, the sun is setting (Mitzi, Kitzi, Erkmann, Binder, Franz Schubert, Baron Schober, Fritzi)
Act I: Duet: Once on a time (Franz Schubert, Mitzi)
Act I: Dialogue: My dear Herr Kranz, I assure you (Baron Schober, Franz Schubert, Mitzi, Kranz, Fritzi, Kitzi, Tutti)
Act I: Finale: Underneath the lilac tree (Tutti)
Act III: In the golden autumn time (Greta)
Act III: Dialogue: Good afternoon, Frau Coburg! (Vogl, Frau Coburg, Kuppelweiser, Bellabruna)
Act III: Quartet: Can't you men unsympathetic (Bellabruna, Men)
Act III: Dialogue: Careful now! (Vogl, Kuppelweiser, Schwind, Franz Schubert, Count Scharntoff)
Act III: Scene: Oh, what music! (Franz Schubert, Mitzi)
Act III: Dialogue: Franz, Franz (Mitzi, Franz Schubert, Baron Schober, Kuppelweiser, Schwind, Fritzi, Kitzi, Vogl, Herr Kranz, Scharntoff, Bellabruna)
Act III: Finale: You are my song of love (Baron Schober, Mitzi, Tutti)
Duet: Oh, these days it is too easy, yes to swallow castor oil! (Don Hilarion, Don Sebastian)
Ensemble: Some are smiling, some are laughing (Julian, Rita, Carlos, Mozo 2, Mozo 1, Don Hilarion, Don Sebastian, Mozos)
The baby's fast asleep (Porter, Porter's Wife, Chulapos, Chalapas, Tiples, Bajos, Tiples 1, Tens)
Seguidillas: To greet our Lady of La Paloma (Chulapos, Chulapas, Woman, Man, Others)
Dialogue: They have all the time in the world (Julian, Rita, Carlos, Mozo 1, Mozo 2, Sebastian, Hilarion)
Couplets: Don Sebastian is really right (Don Hilarion) - Dialogue: What a lovely time we had this morning (Don Hilarion, Carlos, Mozo 1, Mozo 2)
Soledad: Ah! Let me sing like a gitana ... (Contradora, Voices, Aunt Antonia, Policeman 1, Policeman 2, Susana, Casta, Woman, Man, Men)
Dialogue: Ay, aren't you ladies going to the verbena? (A Young Man, Casta, Severiana, Antonia, Susana, Mariquita)
Nocturne: Don't talk about politics! (Policeman 2, Policeman 1, A Woman's Voice, Voice, Watchman)
Ensemble: Oh! these girls, they make me merry! (Don Hilarion, Casta, Susana, Aunt Antonia)
Mazurka: Listen! How pretty the music is! (Casta, Susana, Antonia, Don Hilarion, Rita, Julian, Policemen, Policeman 2, Policeman 1)
Ensemble: Lovely Susana, Casta, so entrancing! (Don Hilarion, Susana, Casta, Rita, Julian, Policemen)
Come on, let's have some more music (Carlos, Severiana, Don Sebastian, Mariquita, Hilarion, Julian, Rita, Susana, Casta, Antonia, Poicemen, Policeman 1, Policeman 2)
Finale: Before we visit the verbena shall we have a drink, dear ladies? (Don Hilarion, Casta, Susana, Aunt Antonia, Chulapas)

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