Boris Papandopulo


Born: February 25, 1906   Died: October 16, 1991   Country: Croatia   Period: 20th Century
Boris Papandopulo was the son of Konstantin Papandopulo, a Greek Nobleman and Maja Strozzi-Pečić, a Croatian opera singer.

Papandopulo intially studied composition in Zagreb, and also conducting in Vienna. As a choir director he conducted the choir named Kolo in the cities of Zagreb and Split. He also became the director of opera of the Croatian National Theatre and conductor of Simfonijski orkestar Hrvatskog radija. An active Read more musician and composer in Croatia and the former Yugoslavia, Papandopulo was also an opera director in Rijeka and conductor of opera in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Split.

Boris Papandopulo is noted for a large number of compositions, numbering over 440 works. Read less

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