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Ouverture (Overture)
Part I Scene 1: Geburtstag (Birthday)
Part I Scene 1: Die Schule (School)
Part I Scene 1: Unterhaltung mit dem Vater (Conversation with Father)
Part I Scene 2: Aufruf der Gestapo (The Gestapo summons)
Part I Scene 2: Das Versteck (The Hiding Place)
Part I Scene 2: Am Fenster (At the window)
Part I Scene 2: Man sagt mir (They tell me)
Part I Scene 2: Verzweiflung (Despair)
Part I Scene 2: Erinnerung (Remembrance)
Part I Scene 2: Traum (Dream)
Part II: Orchestrales Zwischenspiel (Orchestra interlude)
Part II Scene 3: Dialog der Eheleute Van Daan (Dialogue of Mr. and Mrs. van Daan)
Part II Scene 3: Die Einbrecher (The burglars)
Part II Scene 3: Rezitativ (Recitative)
Part II Scene 3: Ich denke an Peter (I think of Peter)
Part II Scene 4: An der russischen Front (At the Russian front)
Part II Scene 4: Die Durchsuchung (The search)
Part II Scene 4: Einsamkeit (Loneliness)
Part II Scene 4: Passacaglia - Finale
Tableau 1: Dni byez prosveta (Princess, Kashchey)
Tableau 1: Ya vizhu dyevu krasoti chudyesnoi (Princess, Kashchey, Storm Knight)
Tableau 1: Arioso: Tyomni yeyo ochki (Princess, Kashchey)
Tableau 1: Interlude: Vy, gusli samogudi (Kashchey, Princess, Chorus)
Tableau 2: Arioso and Song: Nastala noch' zatikhnul vyeterok (Kashcheyvna)
Tableau 2: Arietta: Glukhaya noch', dorogi dalshe nyet (Korolevitch, Kashcheyvna)
Tableau 2: Duet: Pit'yo prokhladnaya vernyot vsyo sili (Kashcheyvna, Korolevitch)
Tableau 2: Zasnul ... tvoi chas nastal (Kashcheyvna, Storm Knight, Korolevitch)
Tableau 3: Berceuse of the Princess: Bayu, bai, Kashchyei syedoi! (Princess, Storm Knight)
Tableau 3: Duet: Myeryeshchitsa? (Korolevitch, Princess, Storm Knight)
Tableau 3: Prosti, lyubimi korolyevich moi! (Princess, Korolevitch, Kashchey, Kashcheyvna)
Tableau 3: Final Chorus: Konyets zlomu tsartsvu! (Storm Knight, Princess, Korolevitch)
Dance of the Rose Maidens
Ayesha's Dance
Dance of the Highlanders
Noune's Dance
Armen's Var
s Adagio
Dance with Tambourines
Sabre Dance
Introduction ? Dance of the Nymphs
Aegina's Dance
Scene and Dance with Crotalums
Adagio of and Phrygia
Dance of the Gaditan Maidens
The Swan, the Pike and the Crayfish: March
The Childhood of Chichikov
The Portrait
Major Kovalyov
Morning: The Disappearance of the Nose
In Search of the Nose
The Nose if Found
The Overcoat
Ferdinand VIII
The Civil Servants
The Barrel-Organ
The Unknown Woman
Pas de deux
The Debauch
The Sabbath
The Barrel-Organ
Spanish Royal March
The Ball
The Testament
The Swan, the Pike and the Crayfish: March
Egene Onegin: Act I, Introduction
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Slikhali I vi za roshei glas nochnoi" (Tatyana, Olga, Larina, Filipyevna)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Bolat moyi skori nozhenki" (Chorus, Larina)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Kak ya Lyublyu" (Tatyana, Olga)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Nu ti, moya vostrushka (Larina, Filipyevna, Tatyana, Chorus, Olga)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Medames! Ya na sebya vzyal smyelost" (Lenski, Onegin, Larina, Tatyana, Olga)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Kak schastliv, kak schastliv ya! (Lenski, Olga, Onegin, Tatyana)
Egene Onegin: Act I, Ya lyublyu vas" (Lenski)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "A, vot i vi!" (Larina, Filipyevna, Lenski, Onegin)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Nu, zaboltalas ya!" (Filipyevna, Tatyana)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Puskai pogibnu ya, no pryezhde" (Letter Scene) [Tatyana]
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Akh, noch minula" (Tatyana, Filipyevna)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Dyevitsi krasavitsi" (Chorus)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Zdyes on, zdyes on, Yevgeni!" (Tatyana)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Vi mnye pisali, ne otpiraites" (Onegin)
Egene Onegin: Act I, "Kogda by Zhizn domashnim krugom" (Onegin, Tatyana)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Vot tak syupriz!" (Chorus, Captain, Onegin, Tatyana)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Uzhel ya zasluzhil ot vas nasmyeshku etu?" (Lenski, Olga, Onegin, Chorus, Triquet)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Kakoi prekrasnoi etot dyen" (Couplets) [Triquet]
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Messieurs, mesdames, mesta zanyat izvolte" (Captain)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Ti ne tantsuyesh, Lenski?" (Onegin, Lenski, Chorus, Larina)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "V vashem dome! V vashem dome!" (Lenski, Onegin, Tatyana, Chorus, Larina, Olga)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Nu shto zhe? (Zaretski, Onegin)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Kuda, kuda, kuda vi udalilis" (Lenski)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "A, vot oni!" (Zaretski, Onegin, Lenski)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Vragi! Davno li drug ot druga" (Lenski, Onegin)
Eugene Onegin: Act II, "Tepyer dkhodites!" (Zaretzki, Onegin)
Eugene Onegin: Act III, Polonaise
Eugene Onegin: Act III, "I zdyes mnye skuchno!" (Onegin)
Eugene Onegin: Act III, Danse ecosaisse
Eugene Onegin: Act III, "Knyaginya Gremina! Smotrite!" (Chorus, Onegin, Tatyana, Gremin)
Eugene Onegin: Act III, "Lyubvi vsye vozrasti pokorni" (Gremin)
Eugene Onegin: Act III, "Itak, poidyom, tebya predstavlyu ya" (Gremin, Tatyana, Onegin")
Eugene Onegin: Act III, "O! Kak mnye tyazhelo!" (Tatyana, Onegin)
Eugene Onegin: Act III, "Onegin! Ya togda molozhe" (Tatyana, Onegin)
Eugene Onegin: Act III, "Akh! Shchastye bilo tak vozmozhno" (Tayana, Onegin)
Act I: Overture
Act I Tableau I: Decoration of the Christmas tree
Act I Tableau I: March
Act I Tableau I: Children's galop and entry of the parents
Act I Tableau I: Arrival of Drosselmayer
Act I Tableau I: The Nutcracker and Grandfather dance
Act I Tableau I: Departure of the guests - Night
Act I Tableau I: The battle and transformation scene
Act I Tableau II: The forest of fir trees in winter
Act I Tableau II: Waltz of the snowflakes
Act II Tableau III: The enchanted palace of the kingdom of sweets
Act II Tableau III: Arrival of Clara and the Nutcracker
Act II Tableau III: Divertissement: a. Chocolate - Spanish Dance
Act II Tableau III: Divertissement: b. Coffee - Arabian Dance
Act II Tableau III: Divertissement: c. Tea - Chinese Dance
Act II Tableau III: Divertissement: d. Trepak - Russian Dance
Act II Tableau III: Divertissement: e. Dance of the Toy Flutes
Act II Tableau III: Divertissement: f. Mother Gigogne and the clowns
Act II Tableau III: Waltz of the flowers
Act II Tableau III: Pas de deux: The Prince and the Sugar-Plum Fairy
Act II Tableau III: Variation I (Tarantella)
Act II Tableau III: Variation II (Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy)
Act II Tableau III: Coda
Act II Tableau III: Final waltz and apotheosis

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