Blas Galindo Dimas


Born: February 3, 1910   Died: April 19, 1993   Country: Mexico   Period: 20th Century
Blas Galindo Dimas, (also known as Blas Galindo) was one of Mexico's most prominent composers. His works range from the popular and rhythmically appealing "Sones de mariachi" to the introspective and lyrical "Sinfonía breve". In 1941 Galindo worked at the Berkshire Music Festival in Tanglewood and studied composition at the Berkshire Music Center with Aaron Copland. He returned to Mexico in 1942, eventually becoming Read more professor of composition at the National Conservatory. In 1947 he became the Director of the Conservatory, retiring in 1965 to devote himself entirely to composition. Recipient of numerous prizes for his work, Galindo, as with many composers, struggled with the problem of establishing some of his works to orchestral repertoire so as to achieve more than just one performance. "Sones de mariachi" does however appear at times on pops concerts around the world. Here is a composer whose works are well worth exploring. Read less