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Act I: Scene and Romance: Anna, qu'entends-je (Ines)
Act I: Scene, Trio and Recitative: Mon pere, par votre ordre (Ines, Don Diego, Don Pedro)
Act I: Ensemble Piece and Finale: Dieu que le monde revere (Don Pedro, Don Diego, The Inquisitor, Chorus)
Act I: J'ai vu, nobles seigneurs (Vasco, Don Alvar, The Inquisitor)
Act I: Un mot encore (Vasco, The Inquisitor, Don Diego, Don Pedro, Chorus)
Act I: Esclaves, approchez! (Don Pedro, Don Diego, Nelusko, Selika, Don Alvar)
Act I: Mais parle donc (Vasco, Selika, Nelusko, Don Pedro)
Act I: Il faut avec ardeur seconder sa vaillance! (Don Alvar, Don Diego, Chorus, The Inquisitor)
Act I: Le conseil souverain (Don Pedro, Vasco, The Inquisitor, Chorus, Don Diego, Don Alvar)
Act II: Entr'acte and Scene: Vogue, mon beau navire (Vasco, Selika)
Act II: Slumber Aria: Sur mes genoux, fils du soleil (Selika, Vasco)
Act II: Scene and Air: Nelusko! (Selika, Nelusko, Vasco)
Act II: Recitative and Duet: Le maitre a-t-il faim? (Selika, Vasco)
Act II: Finale (Septett): On nous l'avait bien dit! (Don Pedro, Vasco, Ines, Selika, Anna, Don Alvar, Nelusko)
Act II: Marche conclu! (Don Pedro, Selika, Anna, Don Alvar, Nelusko, Vasco, Ines)
Act III: Entr'acte
Act III: Le rapide et leger navire (Companions of Ines)
Act III: Quartet: Debout matelots (Sailors)
Act III: Prayer of the Sailors: O grand Saint Dominique (Sailors, Ines, Anna, Companions of Ines)
Act III: Call to the Morning Meal and Drinking Round: Il faut du vin au matelot (A Sailor, Sailors, Ines)
Act III: Scene and Recitative: Ah! c'est vous Don Alvar? (Don Pedro, Don Alvar, Sailors, Nelusko)
Act III: Hola! matelots, le vent change! (Nelusko, Don Alvar, Don Pedro, Chorus)
Act III: Ballade: Tralalala! Ecoutez! (Nelusko, Sailors, Don Pedro)
Act III: Scene and Duet: Un navire, portant pavillon portugais (A Sailor, Nelusko, Don Alvar, Vasco, Don Pedro, Sailors)
Act III: Recitative, Septet, and Final Scene: Au mat du vaisseau qu'on l'attache (Don Pedro, Vasco, Selika, Ines, Nelusko, Chorus, Anna, Don Alvar)
Act III: Scene: Qu'on l'entraine a l'instant au fond de ce vaisseau! (Don Pedro, Don Alvar, Ines, Selika, Nelusko)
Act III: Duet: Ah! s'il ne fallait que donner ma vie (Nelusko, Selika, Don Pedro)
Act III: A moi, fils de Shiva! (Nelusko, Indians)
Act IV: Entre'acte and Indian March
Act IV: Nous jurons par Brama, par Vishnou, par Shiva (The Grand Priest of Brahma, Indians, Nelusko, Selika, A Priest, Sacrificers)
Act IV: Aria: O ciel! que vois-je? (Vasco, Indians)
Act IV: Arretez! (Selika, Vasco, Nelusko, The Grand Priest of Brahma, Indians)
Act IV: Cavatina: L'avoir tant adoree! (Nelusko, Indians, Selika, Vasco, The Grand Priest of Brahma)
Act IV: Finale: Brahma! (The Grand Priest of Brahma, Indians, Selika, Vasco)
Act IV: Duet: L'hymen que ton salut me force de souscrire (Selika, Vasco, The Grand Priest of Brahma, Indians)
Act IV: Finale: Triple divinite, redoutable au parjure (The Grand Priest of Brahma, Indians, Selika, Ines, Portuguese Women)
Act V: Entr'acte, Recitative and Aria: La-bas, sous l'arbre noir (Ines)
Act V: Aria of Ines: Fleurs nouvelles, arbres nouveaux (Ines)
Act V: Scene: Ne m'abuse-je pas? (Ines, Vasco, Selika)
Act V: Duet: Avant que ma vengeance ordonne ton supplice (Selika, Ines, Nelusko)
Act V: Scene and Aria of Selika: D'ici je vois la mer immense et sans limite (Selika, Chorus)
Act V: Recitave and Aria of Selika: Vasco! te voila donc! (Selika)
Act V: C'est ici le sejour (Chorus of the Breezes, Selika)
Act V: Final Scene
Act I: Ei, die Ehre, die Ehre! (Haushalterin, Barbier)
Act I: Da eine in dein Takelage (Morosus)
Act I: Andante comodo
Act I: Ah! Mein Stock! (Morosus, Barbier, Hauhalterin, Henry)
Act I: Oh Gott, war das ein saurer Empfang! (Henry, Aminta, Farfallo, Morbio, Vanuzzi, Carlotta, Isotta, Chorus, Barbier)
Act I: Finale
Act II: Ist es moglich, Sir Morosus? (Chorus)
Act II: Du bist so still und scheinst bedruckt? (Morosus, Aminta)
Act II: Presto
Act II: Was geht hier vor? Sind die Turken im Haus? (Henry, Morosus, Aminta)
Act II: Siehst du, Ohm, das ist die richtige Art (Henry, Morosus)
Act II: Aminta! Aminta! Du sussester Engel (Henry, Aminta, Morosus)
Part I: Symphony
Part I: The sons of Israel do mourn (Chorus)
Part I: How is the mighty fall'n! (Chorus)
Part I: He put on righteousness (Chorus)
Part I: Quartet: When the ear heard him (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)
Part I: How is the mighty fall'n! (Chorus)
Part I: The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
Part I: Their bodies are buried in peace (Chorus)
Part I: The people will tell of their wisdom (Chorus)
Part I: Quartet: They shall receive a glorious kingdom (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)
Part I: The merciful goodness of the Lord (Chorus)
Part II: And the children of Israel sighed (Chorus)
Part II: They loathed to drink of the river (Chorus)
Part II: Aria: Their land brought forth frogs (Alto)
Part II: He spake the word (Chorus)
Part II: He gave them hailstones for rain (Chorus)
Part II: He sent a thick darkness over all the land (Chorus)
Part II: He smote all the first-born of Egypt (Chorus)
Part II: But as for his people (Chorus)
Part II: He rebuked the Red Sea (Chorus)
Part II: And Israel saw that great work (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song: Moses and the children of Israel sung this song (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song:Duet: The Lord is my strength and my song (2 Sopranos)
Part III: Moses Song: He is my God (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song: Duet: The Lord is a man of war (2 Basses)
Part III: Moses Song: The depths have covered them (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song: Thy right hand, O Lord is become glorious (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song: And with the blast of thy nostrils (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song: The enemy said, I will pursue (Tenor)
Part III, Moses Song: Thou didst blow with the wind (Soprano)
Part III: Moses Song: Who is like unto Thee, O Lord, among the gods? (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song: Duet: Thou in Thy mercy (Alto, Tenor)
Part III: Moses Song: The people shall hear (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song: Aria: Thou shalt bring them in (Alto)
Part III: Moses Song: The Lord shall reign forever and ever (Chorus)
Part III: Moses Song: Sing ye to the Lord (Soprano, Chorus)

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