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Amahl! Amahl! (Mother, Amahl)
Oh, Mother, you should go out and see! (Amahl, Mother)
Stop bothering me! (Mother, Amahl)
Poor Amahl! Hunger has gone to your head (Mother)
Don't cry, Mother dear (Amahl, Mother)
From far away we come (King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar)
Amahl... Yes, Mother (Mother, Amahl)
Good Evening! Good Evening! (King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Amahl, Mother)
Come in, Come in! (Mother, King Melchior, Amahl)
Are you a real king? (Amahl, King Balthazar, King Kaspar)
This is my box (King Kaspar)
Amahl, I told you not to be a nuisance! (Mother, Amadl)
Oh, these beautiful things (Mother, King Melchior)
Have you seen a child (King Melchior, Mother, King Balthazar, King Kaspar)
Shepherds! Shepherdesses! (Chorus, Mother, King Melchior)
Emily! Emily! (Chorus, Mother)
Olives and quinces (Chorus, King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Mother)
Shepherds' Dance
Thank you, good friends (King Balthazar, Chorus, Amahl, King Kaspar)
All that gold! (Mother)
Thief! Thief! (Page, King Melchoir, King Balthazar, King Kaspar)
Don't you dare! (Amahl)
Oh, woman, you may keep the gold (King Melchior)
Oh, no, wait... take back your gold! (Mother, Amahl)
I walk, mother! (Amahl, King Kaspar, King Melchior, King Balthazar, Mother, Page)
Do you really want to go? (Mother, Amahl, King Kaspar, King Balthazar)
Shepherds, Arise! (Chorus, King Melchior, Amahl)
Seems like these bones don't give me nothin' but boxcars tonight
What, that chile ain't asleep yet?...A woman is a sometime thing
Honey man! Honey man! Here come de honey man
They pass by singin'
Here comes Big Boy!
Crown cock-eyed drunk...Oh, little stars
Oh stop them! Don't let them fight!
Wake up an' hit it out. You ain't got no time to lose
Gone, gone, gone...Overflow
Um! A saucer-buryin' setup, I see
My man's gone now
How de saucer stan'now, my sister?
Leavin' for the Promise' Lan
Oh, I'm a-goin' out to the Blackfish Banks
Oh, I got plenty o'nuttin'
Mornin, lawyer, lookin' for somebody?
Dey's a Buckra comin'
'Lo Bess, goin' to de picnic?
Bess, you is my woman now
Oh, I can't sit down
Allegretto barbaro...Ha da da, ha da da
It ain't necessarily so
Crown! You know very well dis Crown
Oh...What you want wid Bess?
Honey, dat's all de breakfast I got time for
Well, if it ain't ole Peter!
Oh Doctor Jesus
Oh dey's so fresh an' fine...I'm talkin' about devil crabs
Porgy, Porgy, dat you there, ain't it?
I loves you, Porgy
Why you been out on that wharf so long, Clara?
Oh, de Lawd shake de Heavens
One of dese mornin's...Oh, dere's somebody knockin' at de do'
You is a nice parcel of Christians
A red-headed woman
Jake's boat in de river, upside down!
Clara, Clara, don't you be downhearted
Ha ha ha
Introduction, Wait for us at the corner
Listen: There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York
Occupational humoresque (Good mornin')
It's Porgy comin' home
Oh, Bess, oh where's my Bess
Where's Bess gone? Oh Lawd, I'm on my way

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