Barbara Hannigan

Concert & Documentary - Barbara Hannigan
Release Date: 05/26/2015   Label: Accentus  
Catalog: 20327   Number of Discs: 1
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1. Gong (1)
2. Danse cosmique
3. A Slava et Galina
4. Gong (2)
5. De Vincent ŕ Théo
Act I: Overture
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Delle nostre fatiche - Aria: Sovra balze scoscese e pungenti (Goffredo)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Signor, gia dal tuo senno (Rinaldo, Goffredo, Almirena)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: Combatti da forte (Almirena)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Questi saggi consigli (Eustazio, Rinaldo) - Aria: Ogn'indugio d'un amante (Rinaldo)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Signor, che delle stelle (Araldo, Goffredo, Eustazio) - Aria: Sulla ruota di fortuna (Eustazio)
Act I Scene 3: Aria: Sibillar gli angui d'Aletto (Argante)
Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Goffredo, se t'arrise (Argante, Goffredo) - Aria: No, no, che quest'alma (Goffredo)
Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Infra dubbi di Marte - Aria: Vieni o cara, a consolarmi (Argante)
Act I Scene 5: Aria: Furie terribili (Armida) - Recitative and Accompagnato: Come a tempo giungesti, cara (Argante, Armida)
Act I Scene 5: Aria: Molto voglio, molto spero (Armida)
Act I Scene 6: Aria: Augelletti che cantate (Almirena)
Act I Scene 6: Recitative: Adorato mio sposo - Duet: Scherzano sul tuo volto (Almirena, Rinaldo)
Act I Scene 7: Recitative: Al valor del mio brando (Armida, Almirena, Rinaldo) - Prelude
Act I Scene 8: Recitative: Ch'insolito stupore - Aria: Cor ingrato - Recitative: Io all'ora impugno (Rinaldo, Goffredo, Eustazio)
Act I Scene 8: Aria: Col valor, colla virtu (Eustazio)
Act I Scene 9: Recitative: Di speranza un bel raggio - Aria: Venti, turbini, prestate le vostre ali a questo pie (Rinaldo)
Part I, No. 1: Ouverture (Concerto grosso, Op. 6, No. 1)
Part I, No. 2: Accompagnato - Hence, loathed Melancholy (L'Allegro: Tenor)
Part I, No. 3: Accompagnato - Hence, vain deluding joys (Il Penseroso)
Part I, No. 4: Air - Come, thou Goddess fair and free (L'Allegro)
Part I, No. 5: Air - Come rather, Goddess, sage and holy (Il Penseroso: Soprano)
Part I, No. 6: Air - Haste thee, nymph (L'Allegro: Tenor, Chorus)
Part I, No. 7: Air - Come and trip it (Tenor, Chorus)
Part I, No. 8: Accompagnato - Come, pensive Nun (Il Penseroso: Soprano)
Part I, No. 9: Arioso - Come, but keep thy wonted state (Soprano)
Part I, No. 10: Accompagnato - There, held in holy passion still (Soprano); Arioso - Join with thee (Soprano, Chorus)
Part I, No. 11: Recitative - Hence, loathed Melancholy (L'Allegro: Tenor, Soprano)
Part I, No. 12: Air - Mirth, admit me of thy crew (Soprano)
Part I, No. 13: Accompagnato - First and chief, on golden wing (Il Penseroso: Soprano)
Part I, No. 14: Air - Sweet bird (Soprano)
Part I, No. 15: Recitative - If I give thee honour due (L'Allegro: Bass)
Part I, No. 16: Air - Mirth, admit me of thy crew (Bass)
Part I, No. 17: Air - Oft, on a plat of rising ground (Il Penseroso: Soprano)
Part I, No. 18: Air - Far from all resort of mirth (Soprano)
Part I, No. 19: Recitative - If I give thee honour due (L'Allegro: Tenor)
Part I, No. 20: Air - Let me wander not unseen (Tenor)
Part I, No. 21: Air - Straight mine eye (Soprano)
Part I, No. 22: Accompagnato - Mountains, on whose barren breast (Bass)
Part I, No. 23: Air - Or let the merry bells ring round (Soprano) - And young and old come forth to play (Chorus)
Part III, No. 47: Air - Each action will derive new grace (Tenor)
Part III, No. 48: Duet - As steals the morn upon the night (Soprano and Tenor)
Part III, No. 49: Chorus - Thy pleasures, Moderation, give

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