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Act I Scene 1: Duet: Click, clack, click, clack (Simon, Joan)
Act I Scene 1: Chorus with Solos: Hobble, hobble, now we've caught her (Chorus, Joan, Simon)
Act I Scene 1: Semi-Chorus: Maidens and men of Mirlemont town (Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Prayer: Dear Mary Mother, unto thee I bring (Laine)
Act I Scene 1: Quartet: Who stands within? (Simon, Joan, Devil, Laine)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative and Song: Since it dwelt in that rock whose hallowed crest (Devil)
Act I Scene 1: Appearance of Laine
Act I Scene 1: Change of Scene
Act I Scene 2: Full Chorus: The bells are ringing o'er Mirlemont town (Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Full Chorus: Maidens and men of Mirlemont town (Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Duet: My name is crazy Jacqueline (Jacqueline, Devil)
Act I Scene 2: The bells are ringing o'er Mirlemont town (Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Scene: Know ye all, both great and small (Nicholas, Philip)
Act I Scene 2: Scene: I am Loyse from St. Denis (Loyse, Chorus, Saida, Philip, Nicholas)
Act I Scene 2: Scene: In the hills beyond Florennes (Isabeau, Chorus, Saida, Devil, Philip, Nicholas)
Act I Scene 2: Scene: I am Barbe of Bovigny (Barbe, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: Go, bring forth old Simon's daughter! (Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: By Our Lady, she is fair! (Philip, Chorus, Nicholas, Saida)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: Oh, turn thine eyes away (Saida, Philip, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: In vain ye plead, some magic spell enthralls him! (Saida, Guntran, Devil, Chorus, Joan, Simon, Philip)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: I can but tell I knelt and prayed (Laine, Philip, Chorus)
Act III Scene 1: Change of Scene
Act III Scene 2: Chorus and Dance: O'er Mirlemont city the banners are flying (Chorus)
Act III Scene 2: Exit of Guntran and Crowd
Act III Scene 2: Finale: Hail to the lord of our land! (Chorus, Guntran, Joan, Laine, Simon, Jacqueline, Philip, Devil)
I. Sonnet
II. Scherzo
III. Meditation
IV. Elegy
V. Scherzo II, "Sic vita"
VI. Finale
I. Sailing at Dawn: Andante molto tranquillo
II. The Song of the Sou'Wester: Allegro non troppo, ma con fuoco
III. The Middle-Watch: Andante molto tranquillo
IV. The Little Admiral: Allegro vivace - Poco meno mosso - A tempo - Slentando - Meno mosso - Accelerando - A tempo
V. Fare Well: Quasi adagio - Poco piu mosso - Temppo I - Molto adagio
I. At Flores in the Azores: Allegro giusto e pesante - II. Then spake Sir Richard Grenville - III. So Lord Howard pass'd away: Un poco piu lento -
IV. He had only a hundred seamen: Andante sostenuto - Shall we fight or shall we fly?...: Poco piu mosso - And Sir Richard said again: Tempo I (Allegro giusto) -
V. Sir Richard spoke and he laugh'd: Allegretto con moto - VI. Thousands of their soldiers look'd down - VII. And while now the great San Philip: Adagio molto - And the battle-thunder broke: Allegro con fuoco - VIII. But anon the great Sn Philip - IX. An
XI. And the night went down: Allegro tranquillo ma con moto - And we had not fought them in vain: Piu mosso - But Sir Richard cried in his English pride: Allegro giusto - XII. And the gunner said, "Ay, ay": Andante sostenuto - And the lion there lay dying:
XIII. And the stately Spanish men: Allegretto maestoso - But he rose upon their decks: Allegro giusto - I have fought for Queen and Faith...: Molto maestoso - ...With a joyful spirit I Sir Richard Grenville die!: Piu lento - XIV And they stared at the dead ?
But they sank his body with honour down: Allegretto maestoso - When a wind from the lands: Allegro moderato - Till it smote on their hulls: Piu allegro e con fuoco - And the little Revenge herself went down: Molto moderato e tranquillo
I. Drake's Drum: Tempo di marcia moderato -
II. Outward bound: Andante espressivo
III. Devon, O Devon, in wind and rain: Allegro molto
IV. Homeward bound: Andante tranquillo - Piu lento
V. The Old Superb: Allegro molto - Presto
Part I: Introduction and Chorus: No, it cannot be done (Ironic Spirit, Columbus, Chorus)
Part I: Dialogue: My name is Christopher (Columbus, Ironic Spirit) -
Part I: You cannot do that alone (Ironic Spirit, Columbus)
Part I: Recitation and Chorus: Finding his way by starts and gleams (Ironic Spirit, Chorus) -
Part I: Now the game is beginning (Columbus)
Part I: Court Music: Sarabande - Senor Columbus (Isabella, Columbus) -
Part I: Down in the Kingdom of Granada (Isabella), "Marquesa's Song" -
Part I: But how can they know? (Columbus, Ironic Spirit, Men's chorus)
Part I: No! No! No! (Men's Chorus, Ironic Spirit) -
Part I: Go and look at the sunset (Columbus) -
Part I: I haven't seen her for years (Columbus) - When will he return? (Beatriz), "Beatriz's Song" -
Part I: May I come up? (Columbus, Beatriz) - Kyrie: You have no right to take a rose from my courtyard (Beatriz, Men's Chorus) -
Part I: So, my son, you are leaving Spain? (Ironic Spirit, Columbus)
Part I: Granada has fallen! (Chorus, Columbus) -
Part I: Give me a ship, Your Majesty (Columbus) - Fanfare I - On this day, the thirteenth of April (Herald) - Fanfare II - In the name of the Holy Trinity and Eternal Unity (Herald) - Fanafe III - They have givne me all that I asked (Columbus)
Part II: Introduction - Port Music: Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! (Herald)
Part II: There be three ships (Woman Singer), "Woman's Song"
Part II: Instrumental Reprise of Beatriz's Song - I heard you were due to sail (Beatriz, Columbus) -
Part II: Drum (Beatriz, Columbus)
Part II: Litany of the Saints: Per Domimum (Chorus) - Capstan Shanty: We're bound upon a wild goose quest (Tenor) -
Part II: On these ships they are singing (Ironic Spirit) - Shanty: We've gone away for ever (Tenor)
Part II: Sea Music: Friday, August the third (Columbus) -
Part II: The sailors steered badly (Ironic Spirit, Sailor)
Part II: Night Music: Where shall wisdom be found...? (Columbus) -
Part II: Listen to me, Senores (Columbus) -
Part II: Gold, Senores, gold... (Columbus, Speaking Chorus) -
Part II: October the eleventh (Columbus)
Part II: Stand by for the Dawn! (Columbus, Speaking Chorus) - Te Deum laudamus (Men's Chorus)
Part II: Look 'ee yonder (Ironic Spirit, Indian Chorus, Baritone) - Fanfare - In the name of the Holy Trinity (Columbus)
Part II: Dialogue: Have you heard the news, Your Grace? (Isabella, Ironic Spirit) - Back from the West (Speaking Chorus, Ironic Spirit, Herald) -
Part II: I took three ships (Columbus)
Part II: Finale: Glory, glory to God (Tenor, Chorus, Columbus)
I. Our birth is but a sleep (Chorus)
II. Rise, O my soul (Contralto, Semi-chorus)
III. O whither shall my troubled muse incline (Bass, Chorus)
IV. Night hath no wings (Tenor, Semi-chorus)
V. O timely happy, timely wise (Quartet, Chorus, Semi-chorus)

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