Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

Act I: Prelude
Act I: Hou, hou, hou (Wood Nymphs, Echo)
Act I: I pekne vitam (Water Sprite, Wood Nymphs)
Act I: Hastrmanku, taticku! (Rusalka, Water Sprite)
Act I: Sem casto prichazi (Rusalka, Water Sprite)
Act I: Mesicku na nebi hlubokem (Rusalka)
Act I: Ta voda studi, studi! (Water Sprite, Rusalka, Jezibaba)
Act I: Staleta moudrost tva vsechno vi (Rusalka)
Act I: To ja znam (Jezibaba, Rusalka)
Act I: Cury mury fuk (Jezibaba, Water Sprite)
Act I: Jel mlady lovec, jel a jel (Huntsman, Prince)
Act I: Vidino divna, presladka (Prince, Water Nymphs, Water Sprite)
Act I: Vim, ze jsi kouzlo (Prince)
Prologue: What we want is genuine tragedy! (Tragedians, Comics, Lyrics, Empty Heads, Eccentrics, Herald)
Act I Scene 1: Oh, poor boy! Tell me the worst. What are his chances? (King, Doctors, Pantaloon, Eccentrics)
Act I Scene 1: Don't worry... don't worry... (Pantaloon, King, Truffaldino)
Act I Scene 1: Leandro, please lay on a sort of royal variety show (King, Eccentrics, Leandro, Pantaloon)
Act I Scene 2: It's Chelio! (Eccentrics, Little Devils, Chelio, Fata Margana)
Act I Scene 2: The best-laid plans of mice and men can meet frustration (Leandro, Clarissa, Tragedians, Eccentrics)
Act I Scene 2: Who's that? (Leandro, Smeraldina, Clarissa)
Act II Scene 1: Howzat?! (Truffaldino, Prince, Eccentrics, Comics)
Act II Scene 1: Here they come... ain't it grand? It's beginning, so hurry, hurry! (Truffaldino, Prince)
Act II Scene 2: For your delight, I present first, this! (Truffaldino, Courtiers, King, Prince)
Act II Scene 2: Who are you? What do you want here? (Leandro, Fata Morgana, Truffaldino, Courtiers, King, Prince)
Act II Scene 2: Who is this woman? (Truffaldino, Fata Morgana, Prince, Eccentrics, King, Courtiers, Little Devils)
Act II Scene 2: I want an apple, or a banana... perhaps a cherry... (Prince, Pantaloon, Truffaldino, Eccentrics, King, Empty Heads)
Act III Scene 1: Farfarello! Farfarello! (Chelio, Farfarello)
Act III Scene 1: Wind has died. We must be in Orange country (Prince, Truffaldino, Chelio)
Act III Scene 2: We're here (Prince, Truffaldino)
Act III Scene 2: Fee-fi-fo-fum! I heard a noise. Where's my ladle? (Cook, Truffaldino, Prince)
Act III Scene 3: We've lost our following wind, no wonder that we're getting nowhere! (Prince, Truffaldino)
Act III Scene 3: Where did the girl come from? (Truffaldino, Linetta, Nicoletta, Prince)
Act III Scene 3: We're alone, at last, my marmalade, my dessert, my true love (Prince, Ninetta, Eccentrics, Lyrics)
Act III Scene 3: Smeraldina... with a needle! Fata Morgana! (Eccentrics, Ninetta, Fata Morgana, Prince, King, Smeraldina, Leandro)
Act IV Scene 1: Ah! I'll get you for this, I'll get you for this, see if I don't...! (Chelio, Fata Morgana, Eccentrics)
Act IV Scene 2: Are you ready? (Leandro, Master of Ceremonies, Courtiers, King, Chelio)
Act IV Scene 2: Would you be Ninetta? (Eccentrics, Prince, Courtiers, King, Truffaldino, Clarissa, Leandro, Pantaloon)
Act IV Scene 2: Arrest them! (Master of Ceremonies, Pantaloon, Truffaldino, Courtiers, Fata Morgana, Eccentrics, King)

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