Antonio Valente


Born: circa 1540   Died: before 1601  
This Italian organist served at S. Angelo at Nilo for at least fifteen years. His major work was "Intavolatura de cimbalo," 1575, which contained most of the keyboard genres in practice at the time. These included fantasias, ricercares, dances and versets. He was hoping to achieve a melioristic method for harpsichord playing through the various types of music. The fantasias were divided into sections of counterpoint and figured notation. The Read more ricercares, which contained more than one theme, were scored at once with an high degree of embellishment and again without any ornamentation. The soft and popular sound of parallel triads were employed by Valente in the dances. In the textual settings of the versets, Valente was among the first to abandon the odd-even formulae for playing and singing of the versets during the service in his collection from 1580. Read less

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