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Act I: Look! Up there (Refugee, Controller)
Act I: Darling! (Bill, Tina, Refugee)
Act I: Excuse me. Have you any English money? (Refugee, Bill, Tina)
Act I: Welcome travellers. Thank you for travelling Tri-Star (Controller)
Act I: Do I look conspicuous? (Older Woman, Refugee, Controller)
Act I: Welcome. We're always smiling as you can see (Steward, Stewardess, Refugee, Older Woman)
Act I: Down you go. Scurry down (Controller)
Act I: That's us. Is that us? (Minskman, Minskwoman, Controller, Older Woman)
Act I: No! I don't seem able to go (Minskwoman, Minskman, Controller, Refugee)
Act I: What have I done? (Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Tina, Older Woman)
Act I: What have I just done? Why couldn't I go? (Minskwoman)
Act I: Excuse me. Have you a hat or a scarf? (Refugee, Older Woman, Stewardess, Steward, Tina, Bill, Controller)
Act I: Look who's coming! (Controller, Refugee, Minskwoman, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Steward, Stewardess)
Act I: Gone. Time to be gone (Refugee, Tina, Controller, Bill, Minskwoman, Older Woman, Steward, Stewardess)
Act I: Disgusting. Record lusting (Controller, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Minskwoman)
Act I: Due to circumstances beyond our control (Controller, Refugee)
Act II: The storm is getting worse (Controller)
Act II: It's quiet (Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Minskwoman)
Act II: I know. We could do the business with our trolleys (Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Steward, Tina, Bill)
Act II: Orchestral interlude
Act II: Fierce night. Jagged light (Controller)
Act II: I bought this suitcase in New York (Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Refugee, Older Woman, Tina)
Act II: The thing about people is (Controller)
Part I Scene 1: The Duel ? Introductory Chorus and Aria: Wake up, there, wake up, there! (Ferrando, Servants, Soldiers)
Part I Scene 1: Cavatina: Narrative: Heav'n had giv'n my old master (Ferrando, Soldiers, Servants, Chorus)
Part I Scene 2: Recitative and Aria: Come, wait no longer (Inez, Leonora)
Part I Scene 2: Cavatina: The stars shone in the heav'ns above (Leonora, Inez)
Part I Scene 2: Cabaletta: No words can tell the measure (Leonora, Inez)
Part I Scene 2: Recitative: How still the night is (Count di Luna)
Part I Scene 2: Romance: The Troubadour! The madman! - Though naught on earth is left me (Count di Luna, Manrico, Leonora)
Part I Scene 2: Trio: Who's speaking? (Leonora, Count di Luna, Manrico)
Part I Scene 2: Jealous fury and slighted passion (Count di Luna, Leonora, Manrico)
Part II Scene 1: Chorus of Gipsies: See how the shadowy clouds are flying (Chorus)
Part II Scene 1: Canzone: Fierce flames are raging (Azucena, Gipsies, Manrico, Chorus)
Part II Scene 1: Narrative: They brought her, fettered and pow'rless (Azucena, Manrico)
Part II Scene 1: Duet: As we struggled he stumbled before me (Manrico, Azucena, Messenger)
Part II Scene 1: You are still too weak to venture (Azucena, Manrico)
Part II Scene 2: Recitative: All is deserted (Count di Luna, Ferrando)
Part II Scene 2: Aria: In the stars that shine above me (Count di Luna, Ferrando)
Part II Scene 2: The hour has come, no more delay (Ferrando, Chorus of Retainers, Retainers, Count di Luna)
Part II Scene 2: Here in this world of sorrow (Nuns, Count di Luna, Ferrando, Retainers, Leonora, Inez)
Part II Scene 2: Oh, can it be, can I believe (Leonora, Count di Luna, Manrico, Inez, Ferrando, Chorus of Nuns, Retainers, Ruiz, Followers)

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