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Pt. I: Szene im Garten
Pt. II: Gretchen vor dem Bild der Mater Dolorosa
Pt. III: Szene im Dom
Pt. IV: Sonnenaufgang. Die ihr dies Haupt umschwebt im luft'gen Kreise
Pt. IV: Sonnenaufgang. Thäler grünen, Hügel schwellen
Pt. IV: Sonnenaufgang. Des Lebens Pulse schlagen frisch lebendig
Pt. IV: Sonnenaufgang. So ist es also, wenn ein sehnend Hoffen
Pt. V: Mitternacht. Ich heiße der Mangel
Pt. V: Mitternacht. Vier sah ich kommen, drei nur gehn
Pt. V: Mitternacht. Die Nacht scheint tiefer tief hereinzudringen
Pt. VI: Fausts Tod
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Waldung, sie schwankt heran
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Ewiger Wonnebrand
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Wie Felsenabgrund mir zu Füßen
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Welch ein Morgenwölkchen schwebet
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Gerettet ist das edle Glied
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Gerettet ist das edle Glied
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Hier ist die Aussicht frei
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Dir, der Unberührbaren
Pt. VII: Fausts Verklärung. Alles Vergängliche ist nur ein Gleichnis
I was in the Spirit
And I saw Heaven opened
And I saw an Angel standing in the Sun
Babylon the great is fallen
Rejoice over her O Heavens
And I saw a new Heaven
Therefore are they before the throne of God
And I saw a pure river
Holy, Holy, Holy
Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory
Billy Budd: Prologue 'I am an old man' (Vere)
Billy Budd: Pull, my bantams! Pull, my sparrow-legs!...Who did that? (First Mate et al)
Billy Budd: Guard boat! Indomitable! (Maintop et al)
Billy Budd: First man forward! (Claggart et al)
Billy Budd: Your name? - Billy Budd, sir (Claggart/Billy/First Lieutenant/Sailing Master)
Billy Budd: Billy Budd, king of the birds (Billy/Sailing Master/First Lieutenant/Ratcliffe)
Billy Budd: Gentlemen, the King! (Vere/First Lieutenant/Sailing Master)
Billy Budd: Ay, at Spithead the men may have had their grievances (Vere/Sailing Master/First Lieutenant)
Billy Budd: We are, sir. Claggart is an able one...Land on the port bow, sir (First Lieutenant/Vere/Sailing Master/Ratcliffe)
Billy Budd: Blow her away, Blow her to Hilo (Red Whiskers/Chorus/Billy/Donald/Dansker)
Billy Budd: We're off to Samoa (Donald/Chorus/Red Whiskers/Billy/Donald/Dansker)
Billy Budd: Hi! You...a...a... (Billy et al)
Billy Budd: Over the water, over the ocean (Chorus/Claggart)
Billy Budd: Come here, Remember your promise (Claggart/Novice)
Billy Budd: Billy!...Hist! Billy Budd! (Novice/Billy)
Billy Budd: Dansker, old friend, glad to see you! (Billy/Dansker)
Love's Goddess sure was blind: Symphony
Love's Goddess sure was blind: Love's goddess sure was blind
Love's Goddess sure was blind: Those eyes..
Love's Goddess sure was blind: Sweetness of nature
Love's Goddess sure was blind: Long may she reign
Love's Goddess sure was blind: May her blest example chase
Love's Goddess sure was blind: Many such days
Love's Goddess sure was blind: May she to heaven
Love's Goddess sure was blind: As much as we below shall mourn
Love's Goddess sure was blind: Our short, but their eternal choice

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