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Born: 1375; Florence, Italy   Died: 1460; Lucca, Italy  
Andrea Stefani was an Italian monk and a member of the Order of the Bianchi Gesuati, literally meaning "white Jesuits," but not related to the Jesuit monks who are generally known today. He is known to have led his order in public processions in Florence in 1399 and was considered a master singer and composer. By 1406 Stefani had settled in Lucca and his three surviving musical works are found only in the Lucca Codex or "Codex Mancini" (Archivio Read more di Stato 184.) Stefani is known for two ballate, Con tutta gentilezza and I senti' matutino, and a madrigal, Morte m'a sciolt. Five lauds written by Stefani are also known to exist, but as texts only, with no music. As Stefani's music is located in the part of the Mancini Codex that was compiled in Lucca, his works were probably added to the book between 1410 and 1430. However, Stefani himself was apparently around a lot longer than that -- his last will and testament is preserved in the Archives of the Monastery of St. Fregionaia de Lucca, and it is dated 1460. In 1445-1446, Stefani served as treasurer for the monastery, and his financial records for those years are also still intact. In his will, Stefani left his inheritance to the monastery, along with a memoir of life in Lucca from the time he arrived to the date of writing -- a span of some 54 years. Stefani's birthdate here is deduced from his being at least 24-25 years of age when he led the processions in Florence. Read less

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