Anatoly N. Alexandrov


Born: May 25, 1888   Died: April 16, 1982   Country: Russia   Period: 20th Century
Earlier in his career, this Russian composer showed the influence of exoticism, colorful orchestration and mysticism reminiscent of Scriabin. During the Soviet period, he embraced a more direct style, sometimes employing folk song melodies and patriotic themes, within the aesthetic tenants of what was termed Socialist realism. He was also a music editor and scholar, publishing the complete works of the little-known Russian composer Alexei Read more Stanchinsky, who was born in the same year as Alexandrov but died in 1914. While a student, Alexandrov also studied with Nikolai Zhilyayev, Sergei Taneyev and Sergei Vasilenko among others. Anatoly N. Alexandrov composed symphonies, overtures, chamber music, piano works and operas. Read less