Alta Boover

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Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Tap, fellows, tap (All)
Act I: Dialogue: Might I have a word with you, Colone? (John Wayne, Colonel, Young Ottilie, Young Richard)
Act I: Duet: There's a home in the land (Richard, Ottilie, Older Richard, Older Ottilie)
Act I: Dialogue: On every birthday for the last 5 years (Ottilie, Richard, Aunt Matilde, Colonel, Alice, Matthew, Girls)
Act I: Song: It's a windy day on the Battery (Matthew, Girls)
Act I: Dialogue: Thunderation and damnation (Colonel, Matthew, Claude, Frank, Ottilie)
Act I: Gypsy Song: Do you hear the woodland call? (Rodolfo, Maria)
Act I: Dialogue: Now to read the future in your hands (Maria, Ottilie, Richard, Matthew, Alice, Matilde)
Act I: Duet: Will you remember? (Ottilie, Richard)
Act I: Finale: What's this? How dare you? (Claude, Richard, Ottilie, Colonel)
Act I: Entr'acte: Mazurka
Act II: Dialogue: Good evening, good evening (Delphine, Claude, Frank, Matthew, Angelica)
Act II: Song: To dance the Do-Si-Do (Matthew, All)
Act II: Dialogue: Oh, Ottilie, do you think we should have come here alone? (Alice, Ottilie, Richard, Matthew)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: All we do the whole day through is iron ... (Girls, One Girl, Dame Paula's Voice, Another Girl)
Act I: Dialogue: The moment my back is turned - dancing and flirting! (Paula, Toinette, Jeanette, Lisette, Clairette)
Act I: When the band starts to play it is heard far away (Soldiers, Girls)
Act I: Dialogue: Karl! Darling! ... (Daughters, Karl, Paula, Liane, Lisette)
Act I: Song: Opinion may vary on what's neccessary to fascinate a man (Liane, Girls, Soldiers)
Act I: Dialogue: Good morning, young ladies (Mikel, Daughters, Clarette, Babette, Nanette, Lisette, Toinette, Jeanette, Sylvia, Soldier)
Act I: Song: If you ask where love is found (Sylvia, Girls, Soldier)
Act I: Dialogue: Soldiers like Lieutenant Karl are born, not made (Sylvia, Paula, Mikel, Jeanette, Daughters, Franz, Clairette)
Act I: Song: When Love would have stood as my master (Franz, Girls, Soldiers)
Act I: Dialogue: How happy that girl will be when you find her! (Clairette, Jeanette, Franz, Babette, Paula, Daughters, Mikel, Van Tromp, Caniche, Slingsby, Silvia)
Act I: Song: Mother Goose had an awful time (Sylvia, Daughters)
Act I: Dialogue - Scene: Now I'm as good a laundry girl as any of you (Liane, Babette, Jeanette, Sylvia, Mikel, Karl)
Act I: Prayer: Now on the air a solemn silence falls (Sylvia, Franz, Monks)
Act I: Dialogue: Well, Monsieur what can I do for you? (Paula, Franz, Mikel, Van Tromp, Caniche, Slingsby, Liane)
Act I: Song: The lively Jeanette (Liane, The 3 Men)
Act I: Dialogue: Quite a charmer, the new little gosling (Karl, Paula, Sylvia)
Act I: Finale: Pretty one, I have vowed to make you my own! (Karl, Liane, Sylvia, Paula, Girls, Men, Franz)

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