Alexandr V. Mosolov


Born: August 11, 1900   Died: July 11, 1973   Country: Russia   Period: 20th Century
Russian composer of the early Soviet era, best known for his early futurist works which include a piano concerto, a piano sonata, choral music, including the set known as "Four Newspaper Advertisements" and especially the orchestral piece "Zvod" or "The Iron Foundry". The last piece brings together layers of mechanical, rolling rhythmic ostinatos and a powerful melodic influence of Mussorgsky (of Night on Bald Mountain). Mosolov's later works Read more embraced a more lyrical manner with Russian folk song elements in keeping with the dictates of Soviet approved aesthetics. Among his later works are patriotic operas, a harp concerto and symphonic works. His later works, some of which may be well written, are basically unknown in the West. Read less