Albert Huybrechts


Born: February 12, 1899; Dinant   Died: February 21, 1938; Brussels, Belgium  
Belgian composer Albert Huybrechts began his musical training at the Brussels Conservatory, where among his teachers was Joseph Jongen. In 1926, Huybrechts was awarded the prestigious Elisabeth Sprague Coolidge Prize for his Sonate for violin and piano. Huybrechts began teaching harmony at the Brussels Conservatory in 1937, but succumbed to an unexpected bout with kidney failure in March, 1938.

Huybrechts' early music reveals
Read more the strong influence of French composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Later, Huybrechts became familiar with the music of the modernist composers, in particular that of Alban Berg and Igor Stravinsky. Huybrechts' worklist includes a pair of symphonic poems, concerted works, at least two string quartets, other chamber music, and many songs. Read less

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