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Born: June 1, 1974; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  
Alanis Morissette was one of the most unlikely stars of the mid-'90s. A former child actress turned dance-pop diva, Morissette transformed herself into a confessional alternative singer/songwriter, in the vein of Liz Phair and Tori Amos. However, she added enough pop sensibility, slight hip-hop flourishes, and marketing savvy to that formula to become a superstar with her third album, Jagged Little Pill. A former cast member of You Can't Do That Read more on Television, a children's television program, in 1991 she released her debut album, Alanis, a collection of pop-oriented dance numbers and ballads that was successful in Canada, selling over 100,000 copies. Following the release of 1992's Now Is the Time, Morissette relocated to Los Angeles, where she met writer/producer Glen Ballard in early 1994. Despite the duo's mainstream pop pedigree, they decided to pursue an edgier alternative rock-oriented direction. The result was Jagged Little Pill, which on the strength of the single "You Oughta Know" rocketed into the Top Ten and multi-platinum status. The second and third singles from Jagged Little Pill, "Hand in My Pocket" and "All I Really Want," kept the album in the Top Ten. Her fourth single, "Ironic," proved to be her biggest crossover success. Morissette won several Grammy awards in 1996, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year. Her much-anticipated follow-up, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, was released in the autumn of 1998.~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine Read less

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