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Scene 1: The Tresses (At the Bride's House)
Scene 2: At the Bridegroom's House
Scene 3: The Departure of the Bride
Scene 4: The Wedding Feast
Scene 1: The radiance of the sky in spring ... (Prince Andrey)
Scene 1: I won't, I can't sleep (Natasha)
Scene 1: O God, my God! What a shame to sleep! (Natasha)
Scene 2
Scene 2: Chorus! Let the chorus begin! (Host)
Scene 2: Look, the colonel's dancing the mazurka (Peronskaya, Akhrosimova, Helene, Anatoly, Count Rostov)
Scene 2: Will no one choose me as a partner? (Natasha)
Scene 2: When I was at Otradnoye in May (Prince Andrey)
Scene 3: The young Prince's fiancee (Old Footman)
Scene 3: Ah, Madam, young lady ... (Prince Nikolay Bolkonsky)
Scene 4: The charming, delightful Natasha (Helene)
Scene 4: She's wonderful and so beautiful (Natasha)
Scene 5: At 10 o'clock in the evening, she'll be waiting (Anatoly)
Scene 5: Balaga! (Dolokhov)
Scene 6: Oh, my dear Miss Natasha, all is lost, it seems (Dunyasha)
Scene 6: A fine young lady you are! (Akhrosimova)
Scene 6: I've sought to avoid her (Pierre)
Scene 7: Picture the scene, Countess (Metivier)
Epigraph: The forces of 2 and 10 European nations (Chorus)
Scene 8: Come on lads! That's the way! (Volunteers, Tikhon)
Scene 8: Denisov, her first fiancee (Prince Andrey)
Scene 8: It's the master, look at him! (Fyodor)
Scene 8: Hurrah! Hurrah! (Chorus of Soldiers)
Scene 8: There is no people greater than ours (Kutuzov)
Scene 9: The wine is uncorked; we must drink it (Napoleon)
Scene 10: And so, gentlemen, the question is ... (Benigsen)
Scene 10: The enemy bears down on us with fire and steel (Soldier)
Scene 10: When, oh when was this dreadful business decided? (Kutuzov)
Scene 11: Moscow's deserted! (Ramballe)
Scene 11: I must do the deed, or die (Pierre)
Scene 11: Where did you get such a good going-over, lads? (Jacqueau)
Scene 11: Davout, the cruel Davout, the emperor Napoleon's hatchet man! (Pierre)
Scene 11: Nothing matters now, nothing (Pierre)
Scene 11: What a dreadful scene! (Napoleon)
Scene 12: It's stretching higher and further (Prince Andrey)
Scene 12: Has fate really brought us together so strangely today ... (Prince Andrey)
Scene 13: We've burnt our bridges ... (Ramballe)
Scene 13: Hey! Hey! Hey! (Voice Off-Stage)
Scene 13: Dolokhov said that Helene had passed away (Pierre)
Scene 13: The Commander-in-chief is coming! (Adjutant)
Scene 13: The enemy has been put to rout (Kutuzov)
Prologue: I am an old man ... (Vere)
Act I Scene 1: Pull, me bantams! (First Mate, Second Mate, Sailing Master, Sailor, Bosun, Midshipmen, Donald, Maintop, Deck, Novice, Men, Squeak, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Boat ahoy! (Maintop, Voice, Midshipmen, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant, Bosun, Ratcliffe)
Act I Scene 1: First man forward! (Claggart, Red Whiskers, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master, Jones)
Act I Scene 1: Your name? (Claggart, Billy, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master)
Act I Scene 1: Billy Budd, king of the birds! (Billy, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant, Ratcliffe)
Act I Scene 2: Gentlemen, the King! (Vere, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master)
Act I Scene 2: Ay, at Spithead ... (Vere, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant)
Act I Scene 2: We are, sir. Claggart is an able one. (First Lieutenant, Vere, Sailing Master, Ratcliffe)
Act I Scene 3: Blow her away. (Red Whiskers, Chorus, Billy, Donald, Dansker)
Act I Scene 3: We're off to Samoa ... (Donald, Chorus, Red Whiskers, Billy, Dansker)
Act I Scene 3: Hi! You ... a ... a ... ! (Billy, Dansker, Red Whiskers, Donald, Squeak, Billy, Claggart, Boy, Chorus)
Act I Scene 3: Over the water ... (Claggart, Chorus)
Act I Scene 3: Come here. (Claggart, Novice)
Act I Scene 3: Billy! ... Hist! Billy Budd! (Novice, Billy)
Act I Scene 3: Dansker, old friend ... (Billy, Dansker)
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - Proemio: Fate silenzio
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor grave
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor allegro
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor universale
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor misto
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor licentioso
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor dolente
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor lusinghiero
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor malenconico
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor gentile
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor affetuoso
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor perfidioso
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor sincero
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor svegghiato
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - L'humor balzano
Vecchi: L'Humore Musicale - Conclusione

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