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Act I: Opening Chorus: Secret are the sounds ... (Dipsacus, Chorus)
Act I: Scene: What's that? (Gallanthus)
Act I: Scene: Day is dawning (Angelica, Gallanthus)
Act I: Duet: It's really time ... (Gallanthus, Angelica)
Act I: Ensemble: Here we come ... (Hob, Lob, Gob, Dipsacus, Chorus)
Act I: Duet and Chorus: I'm a sorcerer bold (Dipsacus, Angelica, Hob, Lob, Gob, Hobgoblins)
Act I: Duet: It's true I'm inclined ... (Amaryllus, Gallanthus)
Act I: Ensemble: Hush, lovely cobra (Tormentilla, Angelica, Amaryllus, Gallanthus)
Act I: Desist, lest you die! (Amaryllus, Tormentilla, Gallanthus, Angelica)
Act I: Duet: I know we see ... (Amaryllus, Tormentilla)
Act I: Blue larkspur in a garden (Amaryllus, Tormentilla)
Act I: Ensemble: Who's in my forest? (Dipsacus)
Act I: North wind, south wind (Dispacus, Hob, Gob, Lob, Tenors, Basses)
Act I: Angelica? (Tormentilla, Angelica)
Act I: O, come to our arms (Amaryllus, Gallanthus, Tormentilla, Angelica, Dipsacus, Hob, Gob, Lob, Chorus)
Act I: Song: O, who would be ... (Tormentilla)
Act I: Finale: All is ready! (Dipsacus, Hob, Gob, Lob, Angelica, Tormentilla,Hobgoblins, Chorus)
Act II: Introduction
Act II: Here we come (Chorus)
Act II: Song and Chorus: By all the powers (Angelica, Chorus)
Act II: Trio: Ho there! (Lob, Hob, Gob)
Act II: Duet: It does not appear ... (Angelica, Gallanthus)
Act II: Trio: If you want to escape (Third Medium, First Medium, Second Medium)
Act II: Tormentilla! Tormentilla! (Chorus)
Act II: Song and Duet: There was ... (Tormentilla, Angelica, Hob, Gob, Lob)
Act II: Ensemble: Twas here it bade ... (Amaryllus, Hob, Lob, Angelica, Gob, Gallanthus, Chorus)
Act II: Serenade: Dear love, behold ... (Amaryllus)
Act II: Duet: Sleeping or waking (Tormentilla, Amaryllus)
Act II: You must not kiss me (Tormentilla, Amaryllus, Hob, Gob, Lob, Chorus)
Act II: Finale: Too dark for me ... (Tormentilla, Angelica, Gallanthus, Hob, Gob, Lob, Amaryllus, Chorus)
Act III: Introduction
Act III: Trio: Behold our mystic ... (First Medium, Second Medium, Third Medium)
Act III: Ensemble: Monstrous vision! (Empress, First Medium, Second Medium, Third Medium)
Act III: Ballad: When I was young ... (Empress)
Act III: Ensemble: You can leave us (Empress, First Medium, Second Medium, Third Medium)
Act III: Duet: Is my love alive? (Tormentilla, Empress, Amaryllus)
Act III: Love breaks all rules ... (Empress, Tormentilla, Amaryllus)
Act III: Invocation: Imps and Demons (Empress, Chorus)
Act III: Ensemble: Come, O gentle powers (Empress, Tormentilla, Amaryllus, Dipsacus)
Act III: Duet: Can you, can you remember (Empress, Dipsacus)
Act III: Quartet: Love in a hut (Tormentilla, Empress, Amaryllus, Dipsacus)
Act III: Sextet: Horrid monster! (First Medium, Gob, Second Medium, Hob, Lob, Third Medium)
Act III: Duet: It's the proper thing to do (Gallanthus, Angelica)
Act III: Finale: Love has conquered! (Tormentilla, Amaryllus, Gallanthus, Angelica, Mediums, Hob, Gob, Lob, Dipsacus, Empress, Chorus)

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