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Prologue: Overture
Prologue: Recitative: Ce n'est plus le temps de la Guerre (Flore, Chorus of all the Deities of the Earth and the Waters)
Prologue: Dialogue: Rendez-vous, Beautez cruelles (Vertumne, Palemon)
Prologue: Menuet: Dans le bel age (Flore)
Prologue: Nous goutons une Paix profonde (Chorus of all the Deities of the Earth and the Waters)
Prologue: Pourquoy du Ciel m'obliger a descendre? (Venus)
Prologue: Symphony
Prologue: Mon Fils, si tu plains mes mal-heurs (Venus)
Prologue: Entra'acte (Overture)
Act I Scene 1: Enfin ma Soeur, le Ciel est appaise (Aglaure, Cidippe)
Act I Scene 1: Tout succede a nos desir (Cidippe, Aglaure)
Act I Scene 2: Ah! Princesse! (Lychas, Aglaure, Cidippe)
Act I Scene 2: Pleurons, pleurons; en de is grands mal-heurs (Lychas, Aglaure, Cidippe)
Act I Scene 2: Italian Lament
Act I Scene 2: Deh, piangete al pianto mio (Grieving Woman, First Grieving Man, Second Grieving Man)
Act I Scene 2: Rispondete a miei lamenti (Grieving Woman)
Act I Scene 2: Com' esser puo fra voi, o numi eterni (Second Grieving Man)
Act I Scene 2: Nume fiero (First Grieving Man, Second Grieving Man)
Act I Scene 2: Air
Act I Scene 2: Ahi ch'indarno si torda (Grieving Woman, First Grieving Man, Second Grieving Man)
Act I Scene 3: vient, a la voir je tremble (Aglaure, Cidippe, )
Act I Scene 4: Seigneur, vous soupirez vous-mesme? (, The King)
Act I Scene 4: Entr'acte: Air
Act II Scene 1: Cyclops, achevez ce superbe Palais (Vulcain)
Act II Scene 2: Pressez-vous ce Travail que l'Amour vous demande? (Zephire, Vulcain)
Act II Scene 2: Depeschez preparez ces lieux (Vulcain)
Act II Scene 2: Servez bien un Dieu si Charmant (Vulcain)
Act II Scene 3: Quoy, vous vous employez pour le fiere (Venus, Vulcain)
Act II Scene 3: Prelude
Act II Scene 4: Ou suis-je? ()
Act II Scene 5: Quels agreable sons ont frappe mes oreilles? (, Nymph, Zephyr, 2 Zephyr, L'Amour)
Act II Scene 6: Et bien, , des cruautez du Sort (L'Amour, )
Act II Scene 6: Aimable Jeunesse (First Nymph, Second and Third Nymphs)
Act II Scene 6: L'Amour a des charmes (First Nymph, Second and Third Nymphs)
Act II Scene 6: Entr'acte: Air
Act III: Ritournelle
Act III Scene 1: Pompe que ce Palais de tous costez etale (Venus)
Act III Scene 2: Que fais-ful montre toy (Venus, )
Act III Scene 3: A la fin je vay voir mon destin eclaircy (, L'Amour)
Act III Scene 4: Arrestez, cher Amant, aou fuiez-vous si viste? ()
Act III Scene 5: Ah! Nymphe, venez-vous soulager mes ennuis? (, Venus)
Act III Scene 6: Vous m'abandonnez-donc, cruel and cher Amant? ()
Act III Scene 7: Arreste, c'est trop tost renoncer a l'espoir (The River, )
Act III Scene 7: Entr'acte: Air
Act IV Scene 1: Par quels noirs and facheux passages ()
Act IV Scene 2: Ou penses-tu porter tes pas (The 3 Furies, , One Fury)
Act IV Scene 2: Air des Demons
Act IV Scene 3: Venez, Nymphes de l'Acheron (The 3 Furies, The 2 Nymphs, , First Nymph, Second Nymph)
Act IV Scene 3: Entr'acte: Air
Act V: Ritournelle
Act V Scene 1: Si je fais vanite de ma tendresse extreme ()
Act V Scene 2: Enfin, insolente Rivale (Venus, )
Act V Scene 3: Vous croyez trop la jalouze colere (Mercure, Venus)
Act V Scene 3: Venus veut-elle resister? (Jupiter, Venus, , L'Amour)
Act V Scene 3: Recitative: Unissons-nous, Troupe Immortelle (Appollon)
Act V Scene 3: Celebrons ce grand Jour (Chorus of Celestial Deities)
Act V Scene 3: Recitative: Si quelque fois (Bacchus)
Act V Scene 3: Recitative: Je cherche a medire (Mome)
Act V Scene 3: Recitative: Mes plus fiers Ennemis vaincus ou pleins d'efroy (Mars)
Act V Scene 3: Chantons les plaisirs charmants (Chorus of the Gods, together with Trumpets and Timpani)
Act V Scene 3: Le Dieu qui nous engage (Apollon)
Act V Scene 3: Ce seroit grand dommage (Apollon)
Act V Scene 3: Gardez-vous, Beautez severes (The Muses')
Act V Scene 3: On ne peut aimer sans peines (Muses')
Act V Scene 3: Admirons le Jus de la Treille (Bacchus)
Act V Scene 3: Bacchus veut qu'on boive a longs traits (Silene)
Act V Scene 3: Ce Dieu rend nos voeux satisfaits (Silene)
Act V Scene 3: Voulez-vous des douceurs parfaites? (Silene, 2 Satyrs, A Satyr, Second Satyr)
Act V Scene 3: Falatrons, divertissons-nour (Mome)
Act V Scene 3: Plaisantons, ne pardonnons rien (Mome)
Act V Scene 3: Prelude
Act V Scene 3: Laissons en paix toute la Terre (Mars)
Act V Scene 3 : Finale
Act V Scene 3: Finale: Chantons les Plaisirs charmants (Chorus)
Act I: Prologue: When the moon grows round and the dark grows double (Devils, Grandmother)
Act I: Prologue: You haven't swept up very snugly (Grandmother, Devils, )
Act I: Prologue: Hurry up now! Light the fire! (Grandmother, Devils)
Act I: Prologue: Dance - You have learned to bewitch (Grandmother)
Act I: Prologue: O Grandmother, you mean I can play in the world (, Grandmother, Devils)
Act I: Prologue: Entr'acte
Act II: Head over heels now here I come! ()
Act II: Bottle, we're off! (, Statue)
Act II: I'll try over there across the square ()
Act II: Good morning. Good gracious, you look like the devil (Letterbox, )
Act II: I've made a mistake (, Boy, Children)
Act II: Why, why can't you leave us (Lions, )
Act II: Did you turn them back into stone? (Girl, , Mother)
Act II: Where have you been? (Mother, Girl, )
Act II: Have I been dreaming? (Mother, Shopkeeper, Policeman)
Act II: Now you can see, I'm a master of magic (, Girl, Shopkeeper, Toys)
Act II: Come dance, come dance, round and round (, Girl)
Act II: Toys! Fiddlers, drummers! (, Girl, Toys)
Act II: Oh no! Oh no! Who would believe it! (Housewives, , Policeman, Letterbox, Lions, Statue, Toys)

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