ARC Ensemble


Active: Toronto, Ontario, Canada -
The ARC in ARC Ensemble stands for Artists of the Royal Conservatory. This group is led by Simon Wynberg and is made up of faculty members of the Glenn Gould School at the Royal Conservatory of Music. This ensemble was founded in 2002 to showcase the considerable pool of talent -- some players being among the best in Canada -- resident at the Glenn Gould School. They are singularly devoted to reviving unjustly neglected repertoire; as the group Read more is self-sustaining within its host institution, it need not worry about programming popular classics once in awhile to pay the bills. The concert series listings read like a who's who of marginalized historical figures of music such as Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Julius Röntgen, Philipp Jarnach, and Alexandre Tansman; they also explore the lesser-known legacies of well-known composers such as Richard Strauss and Johannes Brahms. In September 2006, ARC Ensemble signed a recording contract with Sony BMG Masterworks. The first release, a disc of music of Mieczyslaw Weinberg, appeared that October. The following year's Right Through the Bone took a look at Dutch composer Röntgen. Two Roads to Exile was issued in 2010. ~ Uncle Dave Lewis Read less

There are 3 ARC Ensemble recordings available.

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